O  U  T  R  A  M    P  A  R  K

English: Outram Park

Chinese (simplified): 欧南园

Located on: East West Line and North East Line

Code: EW16 / NE3

E  T  Y  M  O  L  O  G  Y

In 1858 the road was separated from Cantonment Road and was named Outram Road in honour of Sir James Outram, for his heroic role in the 1857 Indian mutiny.

H  I  S  T  O  R  Y

Outram Road, built in 1847, was then known as River Valley Road.
It was also known as Cantonment Road and it stretched as a single road connecting to Keppel Road.
Known as si pai poh in Hokkien, it means “Sepoy plain”.
The Sepoy Lines and police station and parade ground are at one end of Outram Road.
Both designations: Sepoy Plain and Sepoy Lines refer to the public shooting of 47 sepoys at the wall of Outram Prison in 1915. This was in the aftermath of 1915 Singapore Mutiny which was quelled by local and British Military forces.

N  E  I  L    R  D


Beautiful shophouses built in 1924 in the Neoclassical Style with Peranakan motif tiles on the walls and floors of almost every house.


F U N  F A C T: No. 147 Neil Road was owned by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s grandfather and Mr Lee once lived there during his childhood. 

@ T  H  E    B  A  C  K  A  L  L  E  Y


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G  R  A  S  S  R  O  O  T  S    B  O  O  K    R  O  O  M

Cosy bookstore hidden at the corner along the stretch of shophouses.

N  E  W    M  A  J  E  S  T  I  C    H  O  T  E  L

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I really love the worn out feel of the ceiling.



Outside the hotel

E  V  E  R  T  O  N    P  A  R  K

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OMG actually thought this was a playground from afar!

Everton Park is arguably one of the best kept treasures in Singapore consisting of 7 blocks of HDB flats. 

Here, you will find hip cafes and creameries alongside traditional shops selling ang ku kueh, antiques and korean cakes.

” P  R  O  V  I  S  I  O  N    S  H  O  P ”    M  U  R  A  L





The lifelike murals of Singapore’s past are the work of Mr Yip Yew Chong, 46, who himself is a resident near Everton Road and walked along that same road every day for close to 20 years.



J  I    X  I  A  N  G    C  O  F  E  C  T  I  O  N  A  R  Y



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For the past 26 years, Ji Xiang Confectionery (吉祥红龟果, ‘吉’ meaning Luck and ‘祥’ meaning prosperity) has been attracting an array of customers from the nearby offices and residences, who flock here daily in droves to have a taste of their famous ang ku kueh.


They started in 1988 selling only to flavours in their HDB kitchen and have garnered loyal support since.



H  U  P    A  N  N    T  R  A  V  E  L    P  T  E    L  T  D


“What’s one thing you love about outram park?”

“Safety. The Police Cantonment Complex is just opposite. But then again someone just got robbed at the atm outside our office. So….”

The kind aunties who took some time off their work to entertain my questions

They used to be a post office providing shipping services mainly for he foreign workers to ship their things and money back to their hometown. They too, used to provide services such as the reading of letters for some of the illiterate workers. However, as time passes the need for such services slowly diminished as banks too provide such shipping services and people are receiving greater levels of education.


N  I  K  K  O    F  A  S  H  I  O  N    H  O  U  S  E 

HAHAHAHA this uncle is so friendly he went to dig out his old photos and even offered to take down some of the awards he received from the shelves when I was talking to him!

The uncle said that his tailor is one of the oldest tailor shops ( about 40 years ) in the area. He tailors the suits of Lee Hsien Long and many other MPs.

After their shift from the opposite block to their current location, they have split the shop into two with the wife selling beverages and the husband providing tailor services.


O  L  D    P  R  O  V  I  S  I  O  N    S  H  O  P

Apparently this shop has been here for many years and the look of it has not changed since.


E  V  E  R  T  O  N    F  O  O  D  P  L  A  C  E

When I ask the residents and some of the people who have worked in Everton Park for several years as to where they usually settle their meals, most of their answers were “Aiya, there’s nothing to eat at Outram Park, we usually walk or take a bus down to Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar. But if we do not have enough time then we will just settle of meal at the food court.”


J  U  S  T    W  A  N  T    C  O  F  F  E  E

One of the aunties I spoke to who has worked there for several years told me that a hardware store managed by a old blind man used to operate here before the cafe took over the space.


C  O  F  F  E  F

Just one of the many cafes located along the stretch of Everton Park 

The aunty said that this is a must-go cafe! OMG the coffeeeee so fragrant…YUM
“Yi bei ka fei yao $5/6 shen jing bing! Xiang he jing! Hai yao zhan zhu he! Bu guo gen ni jiang the ka fei very xiang!” — Aunty from HUP ANN TRAVEL PTE LTD  

Someone misplaced their grandma…that’s damn sad

C  A  N  T  O  N  E  M  E  N  T    R  O  A  D

T  H  E    P  I  N  N  A  C  L  E

The construction of the Pinnacle resulted in some of the shops that used to be located along Cantonment Road to have to shift.

Pay $5 for an extraordinary view of Singapore from the 50th floor! Or you can spend it on a bowl of tom yum ban mian

K  E  O  N  G    S  A  I  K    R  O  A  D

Outram’s Geylang. Keong Saik Road now known by many as the hip enclave was once a prominent red light district peppered with brothels back in the ’60s.

T  O  N  G    M  E  R  N    S  E  R  N

One of the oldest antique shop that is still surviving! The aunty doesn’t speak but apparently it’s one of the few antique shops that actually allows buyers to haggle the prices of the antique…


Super duper long longgggggggg queue! But the chicken looks like it has been drenched in oil. You could probably check this place out if you are craving something to clog your arteries 😀

T  O  N  G    A  H    E  A  T  I  N  G    H  O  U  S  E

Known for their kaya toast!!!

He started out the business in 1939 at the turn of Keong Saik Road with its distinct red and white facade on the triangular plot of lan, the building has  became somewhat iconic. 

Unfortunately, the original Tong Ah building has been bought over and changed into the stylish Potato Head Folk.

They relocated just down the street .

They have expanded to selling tze char at night after their shift.