IMG_20150908_105559 Ambiguous, Distracted, Sensual, Sloven (Top down)

IMG_20150908_105617 Spontaneous, Aggressive, Awkward, Indecisive (Top down)

IMG_20150908_105625Systematic, Lyrical, Turbulent, Nonsensical, Psychotic (Top down)

IMG_20150908_105658 Anxious, Embarrassed, Exhausted, Bizarre, Fragile (Top down)

What I presented:

1: Bizarre
The definition of bizarre is very usual, peculiar, strange, odd. To me, it is to remove a certain subject matter from its natural habitat and place it in an unfamiliar one, such that the result surprises people. When I first encountered the word, the first images that popped up in my mind were aliens and crazy eyeballs. After some experimentation with the two subject matter, I settled with a multiplication of eyes throughout the strip. The eyes differ in both shapes and sizes, and are directed towards all sorts of directions to create a sense of frenzy. Furthermore, I juxtaposed the eyes against a hairy background to make it weirder, as eyes are usually not associated with hair.
Pen and marker are used throughout the strip, producing both thin and thick strokes; mainly thin for the texture of the hair and the irides, and bolder lines for the outline of the eyes.

2: Sensual
The definition of sensual is the arousing gratification of the senses, or simply physical pleasure. To me, the word sensual is soft but varies in pressure. It is pleasurable and enjoyable, almost like a massage. After some experimentation, I discovered that the use of pens and markers are too harsh for such a gentle emotion. Hence, I decided to use graphite(2H-6B). As it is closely associated with human skin and body figure, I made use of mainly curves for my subject matter. The suggestive looking curves are repeated throughout the strip in various orientation and sizes, and the crisscrossing of subject matter symbolizes the intimacy between two genders. As the word also reminds me of dim lighting, I shaded some of the areas to show slight tonal contrast as well as the nuances of the body form.

3: Fragile
Something that is fragile is easily broken or damaged, weak and vulnerable. I relate the word ‘fragile’ to items that are very thin, translucent/transparent, brittle, or already have cracks on them. This henceforth began my exploration of frail lines. I started with ballpoint pen at first as I thought it would be the most effective in showing the pressure changes within a frail, delicate line. However, I soon delved into the use of 3D materials to reproduce the same effect, and particularly liked two of them – tissues and thread. As tissues are very soft, easily torn and disposable, I thought it would be a good idea to shred them and stick them on my strip. The fluffiness, coupled by the fact that the strip itself has become fragile, accurately brought out what I imagined ‘fragile’ to be.
Inspired by a lose thread from one of my clothing, I turned the white threads into dotted lines using a marker. By placing them loosely across the fluffy tissue surface, a texture resembling a cracked surface is produced.


A line is a dot that went for a walk…

 When I first encountered this project, I had no idea where or which one to begin with. In an attempt to clarify the jumbled emotions, I had broken down each of them based on both their definition & my own interpretation.
I recalled the times where I experienced each of the emotions, and translated them onto the paper. This led to an exploration of the use of dots, lines & shapes, and the manipulation of which to produce a sense of harmony, unity, movement, balance, etc.


  1. ANXIOUS – adj. worry, nervous, uneasy, distressed, edgy, jumpy
    shaky lines; distortion of form; variation of intensity
    Reference: The Scream by Edvard Munch
  2. EMBARRASSED – adj. awkward, uncomfortable, blushing, shame
    wiggly lines to show act of avoiding/attempt to hide; hexing to show flush and shame
  3. AGGRESSIVE – adj. hostile, forceful, violent
    full of strength; full force -> slashing of paper with a penknife
    furious and quick application of pen strokes, repetition throughout to show intensityIMG_20150907_193659
  4. EXHAUSTED – adj. very tired, worn out, weary, low in energy
    energy level of molecules/energy diagram; decrease in fluctuation of energy to 0
  5. AWKWARD – adj. difficult situation, a little weird
    stretchy “hands” reaching into unfamiliar areas, sense of discomfort
  6. SLOVEN – adj. untidy, careless, messy
    newspaper as a symbol or messiness; overlapping of subject matter
    contrast drawn between curve and straight, organic and geometric
  7. FRAGILE – adj. easily broken or damaged, delicate, vulnerable
    use of thin, frail lines; feathers, thin glass, cracks
    soft/flimsy/fluffy texture of shredded tissues
  8. SENSUAL – adj. arousing gratification of the senses, physical pleasure
    smooth, curvy; gentle, soft touch
    use of graphite pencil for soft linesIMG_20150907_193752IMG_20150907_194043
  9. INDECISIVE – adj. contradictory, unable to decide
    neither here nor there, but wants both? (presence of >1 options)
    constant switch between different locations; circles to represent GPS signals
  10. NONSENSICAL – adj. having no meaning, making no sense, illogical
    use of random materials; juxtaposition of different random shapes and objects
    unpredictable, unexpected, mojojojoIMG_20150907_193824
  11. DISTRACTED – adj. unable to concentrate, attention diversion
    presence of a main focal point, amongst other focal points?
    vines and tentacles to allure
  12. BIZARRE – adj. very strange, unusual, peculiar, odd, unpredictable
    first thing that came to mind -> aliens
    eyes as most striking features of an alien; able to show direction, sense of frenzy/weirdnessIMG_20150907_193853
  13. SYSTEMATIC – adj. methodical, orderly, fixed
    rigid patterns; repetition, grids, geometric forms; very balanced
  14. LYRICAL – adj. expression of emotions in an imaginative, beautiful way
    associated with undisrupted flow; smooth and curvy linesIMG_20150907_193914
  15. PSYCHOTIC – adj. suffering from psychosis, unbalanced emotions, crazy
    a bit of aggression involved; unsettled, frenzied
    use of fire on paper + splattering of ink (dots) to show danger and mental instability
  16. TURBULENT – adj. conflict, disorder, unstable, full of ups and downs
    violent movements of water/air; stormy seas or airplane turbulenceIMG_20150907_194010
  17. SPONTANEOUS – adj. occurring as a result of sudden impulse, without thinking
    strong sense of movement, no hesitation
    fireworks and arrows; straight and directional/in all directions
  18. AMBIGUOUS – adj. not clear or decided representation of the ripple effect of water and empty eyes through ellipses
    blurry lines using water colourUntitled

    Medium used: pen, marker, pencil, tissues, thread, water colour, newspaper, chinese ink, wood, fire