Walking Home (part 1) – 4D Project I

My idea of home is… well, my home.

As mentioned by Yi-Fu Tuan, “Unique to human beings among primates is the sense of the home as a place where the sick and the injured can recover under solicitous care.” I have recently moved into a new house. Having moved in and out of several places within half a year (old home, grandmother’s house, school hall), I realised the significance of the comfort that only a permanent home can provide. Hence, for this project, I’ve decided to focus on the comfort and discomforts of my new home.

Through this series of photographs, I aim to evoke a sense of comfort/discomfort through our senses Рtouch, hearing, sight.

Comfort through the sense of touch: warmth of the light bulb, blankets (warm colour scheme)


Comfort through the sense of sight: view of the city, roads and night lights outside my window


Comfort through the sense of hearing: sound of water running from the fountain in my living room


 Discomfort: Lack of privacy in certain parts of my home due to the hdb layout


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