Zine – 2D Project III

I started this project off by thinking of a common theme in my past 2D works for this sem. However, I realised that my range of medium and composition were too varied. Hence, I decided to adopt the idea of kitchen and food from my project II (point of view) and create my zine from scratch! 🙂
Despite my busy schedule and never-ending projects, I’ve always tried to find time to bake or cook. It has always been a form of relaxation and a way to de-stress for me. For this project, I aim to create a recipe zine for busy students, when different recipes for specific moods and duration. I’ve also included a few pages of “food facts” at the end, to emphasise the importance of maintaining a balanced diet!



  1. Broccoli soup (for when you’re feeling cold)
    Ingredients: broccoli, carrots, butter, onion, garlic, salt & pepper, chicken broth
  2. Mixed salad (for when you’re feeling healthy)
    Ingredients: green vegetables, rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, avocado dressing (avocado, butter and lemon juice), raisins, sunflower seedshihuiuo
  3. Kimchi carbonara noodles (for when you’re too lazy)
    Ingredients: Spicy Korean instant noodles, milk, cheese, bacon, Kkakdugi (cubed radish kimchi) or baechu kimchiUntitledUntitled
  4. Shrimp stew (for when you have time for a good dinner)
    Ingredients: Garlic, onions, butter, flour, salt & pepper, fresh thyme or parsley, carrots or bell peppers, small shrimps
  5. Creamy mushroom linguine (for when you need a change of taste)
    Ingredients: Linguine, fresh button mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms, basil leaves, cream, butter, garlic, onions, salt & pepper, olive oil, parmesan cheese
  6. Strawberry oreo cheesecake (for when it’s someone’s birthday)
    Ingredients: Cream cheese, oreo, melted butter, heavy cream, chopped chocolate bits, caster sugar, gelatine, vanilla, strawberriesIMG_3924
  7. Chocolate chip cookies (for when you’re feeling like Santa Claus)
    Ingredients: Butter, caster sugar, brown sugar, egg, flour, vanilla, baking soda, salt, chocolate chips

  8. Macarons (for when you’re feeling ambitious)
    Ingredients: Ground almond, icing sugar, caster sugar, egg whites, food colouring20140706_01514520140705_195537UntitleddfdfKnowledge about food will allow us to be more aware of certain foods that we eat and the benefits they bring. Even with a busy schedule, we can still maintain a balanced diet in the food we choose, and have a quick boost when we need it!




Pomegranate: The juice of this seed-packed fruit lowered blood pressure, anxiety and depression.


Fish: Seafood like salmon, mackerel, and sardines are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, and nutrients that are essential for a healthy mind.


Berries: Berries are not only loaded with fibre, but they also top the charts in antioxidant power, protecting your body against inflammation and free radicals!


Garlic: Garlic supplementation is known to boost the function of the immune system.


Dark chocolate: Rich in minerals, good for heart and blood circulation, an ultimate stress reliever!




Coffee: According to research, women who drank two to three cups of coffee a day were about 15% less likely to become depressed!

aaaShiitake mushrooms: These meaty, delectable mushrooms have an uplifting effect on your mood, thanks to their high selenium and magnesium content. bb

Yoghurt: Cultured dairy products like these enhance your populations of probiotic bacteria—the healthy kind living in your gut!




Zine printed on three different types of paper – pale brown, cream and white. The pale brown paper is slightly textured and looked the best. (left)

The photographs taken below are of the cream and white copies of the zine.IMG_4105IMG_4106IMG_4107IMG_4108 IMG_4109 IMG_4110 IMG_4111     IMG_4112IMG_4114




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