Narratives Sharing: “The Grudge” (1)

“The Grudge site was created to promote the film, “The Grudge”, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rather than a traditional production site, the client wanted an immersive, frightening environment that would evoke the spirit and tone of the film and generate interest throughout the target online demographic of males/females aged 18-24.” –

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This is a horror-themed interactive narrative story that provides an all-rounded experience for the player to immerse in – from its dark, flashing creepy visuals to the eerie background music.


Apart from its excellent visuals and audio, one thing that really struck me was the build up of suspense throughout the story. The inclusion of the player’s name and initials made the game even more immersive, as though placing the player right at the centre of the story. As someone who has never seen or read about the movie “The Grudge”, I felt that the story had a strong start, as the mood, theme, setup and location of the whole story was neatly portrayed. The player is guided throughout the game by small notes with clues and instructions as to where to go or what to do next, e.g. go to the laundry room and mum’s room.

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