Narratives Sharing: Gods Will Be Watching (3)

Gods Will Be Watching is a survival concept game with pixelated graphics. The back story involves a team conducting research on a certain virus, which then went wrong and left to fend for themselves in the wild. The aim of this game is to survive 40 days along with your comrades, and fix the radio in order to send a message to your headquarters.

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god1 god2

The player tries to survive, along with 5 other people and 1 dog. Each of those 5 characters has his/her own profession – psychiatrist, doctor, engineer, soldier and a robot. You can choose to interaction with these characters differently, by making use of their skills to help the group survive, to talk, or to kill.

god3 god4

What I like about this game is the challenging aspect of it – players need to ration (only 3 actions per day) and strategize in order to survive. It also brings forth moral issues and prompt us to analyse the situation carefully before making a move (cause the gods are watching!). E.g. Is is necessary to kill the weak in order for the rest to survive, or is it just easier?

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