Narratives Sharing: Compact Disk Dummies (8)

Compact Disk Dummies Official (Belgium) is an interactive website made to promote their debut album ‘Silver Souls’. The site is set in a messy living room and a music room, with hovering objects and human replaced by dolls (resembling members of the band). The concept behind this was to recreate the feel and vibe of the music album within a website.

Click here to try it out!

I personally really like this website because it allows good exploration of the room. The content is entertaining and informative (of their album) at the same time, and the graphics are quite trippy.

What’s in the living room? – There is a mobile phone on the ground that often vibrates. You can click on it and access several applications on it!  You can also text your manager (who replies very frequently)… Or take doll selfies on the camera function.
There are also music videos on the television, where you can toggle between many videos and the timings. Other accessible objects include the posters, the game controller and their schedules on the wall.

What’s in the music room? – Another doll member, and an audio mixer for you to play with.
You can also access the computer, although there are limited things you can do here. There’s a grand theft auto icon on the computer but it doesn’t run. Some inacessible computer files and an internet link on the desktop labelled ‘NOT_PORN_!!’ (see below).

Also found a sketch fill with pages of lyrics and drawings, illustrating the band’s music making processes and random thoughts. Other clickable items include more posters and album covers.

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