Adobe Connect – Experience

Having a class through Adobe Connect was definitely a unique and enjoyable experience that felt surprisingly different from physical lessons. While we were physically situated in different locations, we were still very much connected through the little windows that is our webcams.

It was interesting how it was both private and exposed at the same time. When our webcams were switched off, the only way of interaction was through the chat box. It did feel a little disconnected at times as we could not see each other (perhaps only a few of my classmates’ faces), and have no idea what everyone is actually doing. It felt especially so when my internet connection broke down a few times. However, it was definitely a fun and engaging experience when all of us turned our webcams on. Unlike a physical class, we formed a real-time collage of all our faces and interacted through the windows despite being alone in the physical world. It was comfortable because we could decide what will be seen and what won’t, but uncomfortable because we would never know who or when someone is watching us.

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  1. Hi Joan,
    It is interesting that you felt connected with us through your computer webcam as I felt that it created a physical barrier for me probably due to my mind telling me that you all are just on screen and there is only so much interaction I could have.
    I definitely agree with you about being exposed and uncomfortable. I felt exposed too during the Adobe Connect session where I was more conscious about my actions and did not know who was looking at me as I turned on my webcam. Through your reflection I see that we felt quite the same way. I was wondering if you feel that if we communicate when everyone’s screen turned on at the same time would you feel more exposed or more comfortable?
    Great reflection! 😀

  2. Being connected through little windows: Enjoyable

      Can you tell me more about your experience being physically separated but digitally connected through the Adobe Conenct windows? What was it like to be part of the Collective Body activities? What was especially enjoyable about being Adobe Connected? How has the experience affected your ideas about Internet culture? Does this culture align well with the student culture at ADM?

      Chat box & absence of visual cues when webcams were turned off

    Your enthusiasm was infectious! I loved how you mentioned that you liked being on Adobe Connect despite the lack of visual cues from classmates whose webcams were turned off and lag:
    “im lagging”
    “but adobe connect is great”

    In previous semesters when the class sizes were between 4 and 6 students, all our webcams were turned on throughout the lesson. I always assume that whenever I appear on webcam, everyone online is watching me.

    Why did you feel uncomfortable about the fact that you couldn’t tell who was watching you?

    I ask this because at B-14, when you are speaking to Randall from your position at the conference table, there are people like Win Zaw and Makato behind you whose faces are blocked. Does that make you uncomfortable as well? I also realize that the ladies raise this issue more than the gentlemen. Why do you think this is so? Can you help me better understand the student culture at ADM? Are there things that an outsider may not know? Certain things that one should never say or do online or onsite perhaps?

    I know that there exist unspoken rules even at world class Art school like ADM. Can you tell me what they are? I ask this because I rarely see students openly disagreeing with one another or suggesting areas for improvement. Is there an unspoken rule operating here? What are the unintended consequences if one breaks these rules?

    Fun and engaging experience when everyone turned webcams on

      In week 1, everyone turned their smartphone cameras on for the aggregated performance on Facebook Live.

      How does the live Adobe Connect experience compare to your Facebook Live activity? Do you think learning Art through Adobe Connect, has changed your creative outlook or changed you as an art student? If it has, how so?

      I’d like to understand how learning and performing in the Third Space during the whole class Collective Body activities, impacts your creative process and thinking, as opposed to say just reading essays, discussing and watching pre-recorded documentaries about the Third Space.

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