Co-broadcasting Experience

The co-broadcasting experience was great, as the split screen function was easily accessible and the connection was also smoother, as compared to OBS.

It was convenient, as the main broadcaster could see both sides simultaneously, possibly allowing more room for coordination during broadcasts. The person invited into the broadcast could also hear the main broadcaster, allowing for smoother responses and interaction. For my broadcast with Hannah, we were walking with quite a distance apart, but within the same area (B1 carpark). For most of the video, we managed to converse through the broadcast without much difficulty, as the sound quality was pretty decent.

We did lose connection once or twice (as usual, carpark wifi is bad), but quickly reconnected without too much lag. What I found confusing was that the resulting video on Facebook was more choppy than when we broadcasting through our phones.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and a new way for us to broadcast for our final project!

what happened to my face?

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