Assignment 1 – Resume + Bio

1. Resume
2. Bio + Recent Work
3. Work that inspires youBio

Joan is currently majoring in Interactive Media in Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Media & Design (ADM). She graduated from Serangoon Junior College previously, where she was trained mainly in the traditional art mediums. In 2017, she worked as a programmer intern for Multimedia People, where she designed interfaces for Gardens By The Bay and the IRAS Gallery.

She is passionate about bringing attention towards environmental issues and creating works to help people get closer to and appreciate mother nature. She finds comfort and inspiration in nature and has incorporate many of these elements into her past works, such as interactive plants, animal documentation and weather simulators.

She strongly believes that visual arts and interactivity play crucial roles in today’s media and marketing, and its power to change perceptions. In her future projects, she also hopes to inject the element of fun into the interactive learning experiences of people of all ages.

Recent Work


UFO (Universal Forecast Object) is an expandable mood umbrella, fitted with real-time temperature and weather display. Our umbrella is shaped like a cloud and covered with waterproof nylon fabric. It changes colour based on the temperature of the user’s hands and expands outwards based on the strength of the user’s grip around the handle. This feature serves as a functional purpose, especially on stormy days where the coverage can be increased with just a tighter grip.

Through this product, we hope to provide people indoors with immediate weather information based on their location, and to better prepare them for their journey outdoors.

Graffiti Nature

teamLab, 2016 – present, Interactive Digital Installation
One of the five interactive projects on display at the ArtScience Museum’s Future World: Where Art Meets Science


“Graffiti Nature is an artwork that is completely created by the visitors. The ecosystem of flora and fauna expands when visitors draw and colour in more animals and flowers, and butterflies grow and increase where the flowers are. If the animals sense you, they run away. Stand still and flowers will blossom around you. Walk around and the flowers will scatter. Search for your animals, and whilst making the flowers bloom, explore the Future World that everyone has created,” said Mr Toshiyuki Inoko, founder of teamLab.

This work resonates with me as it presents a dream-like reality where humanity and nature co-exists in a harmonious manner. Its immense scale and aesthetic qualities allow a part of the museum to be transformed into an immersive world of digital animals, with designs and patterns created by the visitors themselves. While it attracts audience of all ages, it primarily targets children, providing them with an enriching learning experience and to let their imagination run wild.


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