Project Dev & Planning – FYP Proposal Idea(s)

Profiling (& based on feedback from my peers):

1. Concern for animals – What’s right/wrong?

Related theme(s): Animal conservation, human to animal relationships, excessive/inhumane poultry farming

#1 – Animal conservation
What is it? – A programme/setup that challenges the players to protect both the welfare of wild animals and mankind in a virtual world

#2 – Relationship between mankind and animals
What is it? – A programme/setup that allows players to build their virtual world, and express their views on how an ideal society should function, how animals and mankinds should co-exist
Challenges the player to reflect on their personal values and priorities, and make certain sacrifices to achieve an ideal situation

Possible aims:
For participants to reflect on self & their relationship with the wildlife,
To increase one’s self-awareness and impact on the environment/animals,
For relaxation & appreciation

2. Pet peeves – Inconsiderate people, people who intentionally cause inconvenience to others
Related theme(s): Interaction between strangers, connecting strangers, moral issues

#1 – Connecting strangers
What is it? – An installation that encourages strangers to interact with each other

Possible aims:
Build relationships between strangers,
Encourage consideration for others,
Random acts of kindness

Other areas of interests: Plants/nature, water, astronomy, exploration, idea of play

Inspiration: SIMSafari

Image result for sims safari
Image result for sims safari

Kristy’s feedback:
Idea 2 can be applied on idea 1, e.g. consideration for other beings
Which kinds of animals? For consumption or? Pets? Strays?
What kind of tone? Cannot be too serious, be more playful
Pick a few animals as case study, list some specifics, types

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