Logic: Besides the visual arts, I also like math and sciences (though I may not be good at it). I love geometric and mechanical diagrams, blue prints and especially the intricate parts of machineries. These are represent by a drawing of a tank, with its complex design at the wheels. There are also some labelled diagrams of some scientific equipment at the background to frame the tank.
Medium: Pen and marker


Awkwardness: I can be uncomfortable and awkward in certain social situations, especially when meeting a big group of new people. Hence, I thought the multiplication of awkward faces and expressions throughout the square would accurately represent my insecurities, self consciousness and discomfort during these situations.
I had fun drawing all these faces. I could draw the facial features in any way I liked, and most of them turned out looking really peculiar and ‘derpy’!


Me: For the past few years, my friends in school always said I looked like a giraffe – tall, elongated. Hence I used giraffe to symbolize myself. I also applied the cubist technique to represent the logical, technical aspect of me.

Colour scheme: Monotone
I am a person who prefers dull, cool and dark colours, and therefore I used a monotonous colour scheme to represent my avoidance of bright (neon?) colours.

Medium: Pen and marker





Randomness: I often have random, bizarre thoughts and ideas floating around my head.
Reference to Dali Atomicus, a photograph by Salvador Dali. This work consists of both animate and inanimate object flying in mid-air. I added more objects into the composition to further emphasize its randomness, as well as the dynamics, movement and suspense.

***WARNING*** RESTRICTED USAGE --- Permission is needed for each use! Contact: fake --- Hold for story slugged please call nak x1138 - THIS IS A KNOEDLER FAKE *** This is a fake copy of Jackson Pollock, aka the green pollock, aka Jack Levy Pollock. NYTCREDIT: (no credit)

Chaos: My workspace is always messy. This chaos is represented by Jackson Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm. The strokes of paint are placed close to one another and multiplied throughout for a messy feel. I also added acrylic paint in a random fashion to create some rough textures.



A Better Me: Joan the Giraffe in paradise. In this square, I’m in my own comfy environment, in a sort of organised chaos. A very bright, unnatural lighting is applied to maintain the bizarre, imaginative feel, and the juxtaposition of objects and the clear blue sky contributes to the surreal effect of the picture.
Colour Scheme: Triadic




Curiosity: Curiosity kills the cat. A closed up fill frame of a cat’s face. To further emphasize my thirst for discovery, I photoshopped a portrait of Albert Einstein, an icon of invention, in the reflection of the cat’s eyes.


Inspiration: My inspiration for my works come from other artists’ works. For this square, I combined the works of three of my favourite surrealists – Salvador Dali’s moustache, Rene Magritte’s man with an apple and MC Escher’s orb.
Philippe Halsman (American, 1906-1979). Yes, but don’t try to uncover my secret (Dali’s Mustache), 1954. Silver gelatin print. © Philippe Halsman Archive

This composition is very balance as the orb is placed in the centre of the square. The colour scheme used is analogous (yellow and green) and the tones are soft and of low saturation.



imagine dragons
An Ideal Me: The background of this image is the album cover of the Imagine Dragons’ Night Vision, which I found very suitable for my composition. The broken pieces of rock act as ascending platforms, suggesting an increase in knowledge and status towards success. An ideal me, would be to be a successful artist who is able to effectively connect with my viewers through my artwork. For example, I find an interactive piece of art or advertisement very engaging and as a viewer, I am able to effectively get the message and at the same time enjoy myself. An ideal version of me would be able to achieve something like that through years of hard work and a significant improvement in abilities.




Spontaneity: Spontaneity is defined as the occurrence of an action or performance as a result of a sudden impulse. To me, spontaneity is a very intense, combustible emotion that is closely associated with passion and drive. Naturally the first colour that came into my mind was red, the colour of fire and blood.
This square is a collage of very bright, vibrant colours. The background was originally a silhouette of a tree, but photoshopped to for harsher lines and shapes.

Workload: In most stages of life, there will always be workload. Be it school assignments, projects, or office work, they will always be a source of stress.

The heavy rocks in this square are representative of these burdens.
Colour Scheme: Analogous (red, blue, purple background). These colours are quite intense on its own and hence when I try to blend them together using watercolour, there is a sense of force and pressure as the colours clash.
Medium: Pen, marker and watercolour

Me in 5 Years: In 5 years’ time, I would like to be a more spontaneous person. Without the stress of the workload that is pulling me down, I would like to have the freedom of exploring different parts of the world. Some of these places include Greece, Maldives, and the Bahamas. For this square I decided to portray myself as a combination of a giraffe and a mermaid (meraffe?), basking in the sunset in the Bahamas.

Medium: Pen and watercolour

A line is a dot that went for a walk…

 When I first encountered this project, I had no idea where or which one to begin with. In an attempt to clarify the jumbled emotions, I had broken down each of them based on both their definition & my own interpretation.
I recalled the times where I experienced each of the emotions, and translated them onto the paper. This led to an exploration of the use of dots, lines & shapes, and the manipulation of which to produce a sense of harmony, unity, movement, balance, etc.


  1. ANXIOUS – adj. worry, nervous, uneasy, distressed, edgy, jumpy
    shaky lines; distortion of form; variation of intensity
    Reference: The Scream by Edvard Munch
  2. EMBARRASSED – adj. awkward, uncomfortable, blushing, shame
    wiggly lines to show act of avoiding/attempt to hide; hexing to show flush and shame
  3. AGGRESSIVE – adj. hostile, forceful, violent
    full of strength; full force -> slashing of paper with a penknife
    furious and quick application of pen strokes, repetition throughout to show intensityIMG_20150907_193659
  4. EXHAUSTED – adj. very tired, worn out, weary, low in energy
    energy level of molecules/energy diagram; decrease in fluctuation of energy to 0
  5. AWKWARD – adj. difficult situation, a little weird
    stretchy “hands” reaching into unfamiliar areas, sense of discomfort
  6. SLOVEN – adj. untidy, careless, messy
    newspaper as a symbol or messiness; overlapping of subject matter
    contrast drawn between curve and straight, organic and geometric
  7. FRAGILE – adj. easily broken or damaged, delicate, vulnerable
    use of thin, frail lines; feathers, thin glass, cracks
    soft/flimsy/fluffy texture of shredded tissues
  8. SENSUAL – adj. arousing gratification of the senses, physical pleasure
    smooth, curvy; gentle, soft touch
    use of graphite pencil for soft linesIMG_20150907_193752IMG_20150907_194043
  9. INDECISIVE – adj. contradictory, unable to decide
    neither here nor there, but wants both? (presence of >1 options)
    constant switch between different locations; circles to represent GPS signals
  10. NONSENSICAL – adj. having no meaning, making no sense, illogical
    use of random materials; juxtaposition of different random shapes and objects
    unpredictable, unexpected, mojojojoIMG_20150907_193824
  11. DISTRACTED – adj. unable to concentrate, attention diversion
    presence of a main focal point, amongst other focal points?
    vines and tentacles to allure
  12. BIZARRE – adj. very strange, unusual, peculiar, odd, unpredictable
    first thing that came to mind -> aliens
    eyes as most striking features of an alien; able to show direction, sense of frenzy/weirdnessIMG_20150907_193853
  13. SYSTEMATIC – adj. methodical, orderly, fixed
    rigid patterns; repetition, grids, geometric forms; very balanced
  14. LYRICAL – adj. expression of emotions in an imaginative, beautiful way
    associated with undisrupted flow; smooth and curvy linesIMG_20150907_193914
  15. PSYCHOTIC – adj. suffering from psychosis, unbalanced emotions, crazy
    a bit of aggression involved; unsettled, frenzied
    use of fire on paper + splattering of ink (dots) to show danger and mental instability
  16. TURBULENT – adj. conflict, disorder, unstable, full of ups and downs
    violent movements of water/air; stormy seas or airplane turbulenceIMG_20150907_194010
  17. SPONTANEOUS – adj. occurring as a result of sudden impulse, without thinking
    strong sense of movement, no hesitation
    fireworks and arrows; straight and directional/in all directions
  18. AMBIGUOUS – adj. not clear or decided representation of the ripple effect of water and empty eyes through ellipses
    blurry lines using water colourUntitled

    Medium used: pen, marker, pencil, tissues, thread, water colour, newspaper, chinese ink, wood, fire