Text & Image: Final

Project title: To Whom It May Concern
Medium: Box containing 12 postcards


I did my layout in Photoshop (9 captioned postcards + 3 blank ones) and printed my postcards at Easy Print at Sunshine Plaza. I used 310gsm glossy card, which added a nice effect to my pictures. However, I felt that the glossy paper wasn’t the best of quality as they were a little bit patchy. Some colours were also a little off in the printing process.

As for the box cover, I searched for inspirations on google and settled for a simple, flat box with a envelope opening on four sides. I printed my title on an A3 sized pale brown card, and measured our the dimensions suitable for my stack of postcards. The thickness was about 6mm and I also left some extra room in length and width.

I was very happy with how the box turned out, as there were no errors and the material was sturdy enough and easy to work with. 🙂