EXP.INT | reading assignment

Open source used to be the default way of doing things. However through most of human history all information technologies and almost all technologies were “open source”. (Page 24 of reading) This shows that the usage of open source was adopted ages ago, when technology was just starting to become advanced. However, it was not as largely practiced as now.

Open source started when Richard Stallman, a computer scientist, wanted to be able to improve the softwares and devices he was working with, but was denied the chance to. He wanted to let everyone have a chance of creating tools, and sharing them; therefore he established the Free Software Foundation. During the late 1990s, a growing team of hackers built an operating system kernel that would allow an array of programs to work in coordination – Linux. Open source is a platform for peer production, where users can share and revise each other’s work, making improvements together.

Having peer-to-peer social interaction contradicts the copyright system, as peer-produced information gains no benefit from strong intellectual property rights. Strong intellectual property rights inefficiently shrink the universe of existing information, and owned inputs will be limited to human capital with which the owner of the input has a contractual relationship.

Based on the reading, I feel that Open source is a very good learning platform, especially for students. On one hand, professionals are able to help improve operating systems of software, and on the other hand, students are able to use the software for free. Technological advancement should be a benefit for everyone, and not be used just as a money making tool. This allows users that are unable to afford, still try out the software.

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