HOD | artist’s key work selection

Based on my artist – Mayuko Kanazawa, I chose an artwork which was recently exhibited in Singapore Art Museum – Imaginarium 2018.

The artwork is Utsuroi Iroha, which invites their audience to participate by being part of the artwork of seasons and time.

The installation is a walkthrough, where there are different screens being shown in the enclosed area. It’s interactive in the manner that the audience stands at a mark spot and does a certain action. From that action, the visual display changes, alongside incorporating yourself inside the display. This installation brings to life the different seasons of Japan. Image recognition sensors weave the audience into the artwork, and by jumping or waving your arms, your character will morph into animals and even summon epic floral displays.

From this installation, we get to experience Japan and know more about it and it’s seasons, as in Singapore, it’s summer all year round and we do know having blooming flower seasons or cold weather like theirs. Furthermore, the installation is kind of personalised to each individual, as we all do a different action, triggering a different output of the work.

Through our interaction with the work, the artists hopes to highlight how our real-life actions impact nature and the environment.

Based on what was taught in class, this installation links to cybernetics, whereby there are specific acts of communication and transfer of information between the observer and the machine. Art is also behavioural in this instance, as from human interaction, it gives feedback to the machine and the artwork changes according to the feedback.

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INT1 | singapore night festival

Having been to Singapore Night Festival for the past few years, I honestly felt that it was pretty underwhelming this year. I’ve been to the festival ever since 2016, and I felt that the previous years were better,

Nevertheless, I think the amount of effort and thought put into the artwork of the artists was still pretty commendable by all.

Image taken from http://www.hypeandstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Story-of-the-forest-6_-Image-Courtesy-of-teamLab.jpg

This artwork isn’t exactly under Singapore Night Festival, but more of National Museum of Singapore.

As this installation is done in National Museum’s Rotunda, it fully utilises the shape of the space, the Dome and having participants walk around and down to the final view where they see the whole forest.

The entrance of the installation is at the top of the dome, and viewers see the dome ceiling with flowers blooming and changing over time. Crossing the bridge through the falling flowers of the dome, participants will descend down the passageway through a vast interactive forest inhabited by the animals of Singapore. As they walk down, the forest changes from morning to night, and with dry and wet seasons of Singapore. When they enter the base of the dome, they get a bigger view of the dome, with the flowers blooming at the top, and having animals and forest coming up when the participants move nearer to the wall. This artwork is very relevant to National Museum, where it talks about Singapore History – more heavily dedicated to William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The artwork is depicted in real time by a computer program, and offers interactivity to a certain level. The first part of interaction with the artwork is more passive, whereby we are just walking into the rotunda and looking at the flowers. The only interaction we had initially, was walking around the dome. But it became slightly more reactive, when we reached the base of the dome and we could see how having participant’s presence, how it could change the work.

I felt that this artwork was a very interesting way of depicting Singapore, as it’s seldom thought about singapore being related to animals and forest as it’s more of an urban city. It was also a learning journey for us, where we get to know more about species relevant to Singapore.

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This artwork spoke to me as it’s the artist’s take on Singapore on a different approach, and making it interactive for participants, so that they won’t just feel bored walking around the dome.

Image taken from http://cdn.luxuo.com/2017/02/16.jpg

Although it’s not officially under Singapore Night Festival, I think this artwork is an honourable mention as amazing artworks can be found within the interior of the museum, instead of just the outskirts surrounding!

Leap of Faith by Teng Kai Wei
The Leap of Faith
Image taken from https://www.nightfestival.sg/-/media/snf2018/night-lights-main-prog/10-the-leap-of-faith-1200×514.jpg?as=1

This is the second artwork I’d like to talk about from Singapore Night Festival.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The intention created for the participants is for them to take a leap of faith and   jump from step to step, to signify literally jumping to take a leap of faith.

The intention of this interaction is for participants to take a “leap of faith”, by jumping from a step to the other. While participants jump, the lights of the step changes, and there are several variations on the lights. This artwork is reactive and has high interactivity level, as participants have to make an action for a reaction to the artwork. But that being said, in the middle of the interaction, there is a light sculpture whereby interactivity is not needed.

The anatomy of this interactive system was very simple, with steps that lights up whenever we step on it. There are several rims of colours on the step, and it lights up differently.

And that’s it for my trip to Singapore Night Festival 2018!

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HOD | artist selection: mayuko kanazawa

Image taken from http://www.mayuart.com/contents/wp-content/uploads/2005/05/_dsc67751-580×386.jpg


For my Hyperessay, I decided to go with an artist whom I’ve seen works before, and I chose Kanazawa Mayuko.
One of her more recent works were exhibited at Singapore Arts Museum’s Imaginarium 2018 – Into the space of time.

She specialises in Hand-drawing painting using Picture books, Animation and Experimental Art advanced technology.

I chose her work as I wanted to work on an artist or artwork that has a connection with Singapore. Personally, I’ve been to the exhibit and thought that it was really interesting.

Despite being an artist that does illustrations and animation, she does not limit herself to doing works that’s more 2D. She branched out to incorporating technology into these, allowing interaction between the participant and the work.

Therefore, I felt that she will be an appropriate artist to talk about breaking the norm of traditional art.

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INT1 | inspiring interactive project

Image result for dan corson sensing youDan Corson – Sensing You


1What is the situation or interaction created for the participants?

The situation created is when the participants are passing by the tunnel and motion detects it. The LED rings lights up whenever someone walks in.

What is the intention of this interaction?

The intention of this interaction is to raise awareness of people passing by the tunnel.