2D | forest gump artist references

For my various quote designs, I referred to some artists and their past works, and incorporating their styles into mine.

The first artist that influences my work is Salvador Dali.
A surrealist artist, I’m sure he is well-known to many.

Related image
Getting influence from his work, The Persistence of Memory, I incorporated his surrealist style into my Quote 1 Design, through the squishing of musical notes.
In this artwork, he melts the clocks, with them not being in its original form. I used that technique to the musical notes, deforming them to suit the quote.

Another artist that influenced my artwork is Patrick Caulfied’s work
Black and White Flower Piece, 1963

This black and white artwork, focuses on the main object in the middle, a vase of flower, with a grid background of black base with white lines. Despite having a grid background, it still primarily focuses on the vase. Instead of pulling the focal point away, I feel that it brings more focus to the main object.
I decided to incorporate this art style into my Quote 2, to bring out the focal point of the main object.

And that’s it for my artist reference!
Till then,

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