2D | forest gump meets science

The third quote I worked on – “Science is nothing but a piece of trash infront of a profound dream” came from the anime movie, Paprika.

The anime talked about a psychotherapy treatment – a dream therapy, which a doctor uses dreams to counsel her patients. However, the device got stolen and used for personal uses. During the movie, the chairman of the lab mentioned the above quote.

The first design, I used a mixture of science elements – binary, light bulbs, cells, flasks, and placed them in a trash bin. Next, I used a bunch of weird elements for the background to represent the profound dreams. I put a cloud background behind all the elements to represent dreamy, since it was a dream.

The second design, I added a chinese doll. But, I felt that the use of science elements was too representative and the chinese doll is too normal looking.

I came up with a final design after this.
Stay tuned to my final post for it!

Till then,

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