3D | needles, paper, poking

The first assignment of Foundation 3D! 

Who knew…. will led to such a pain (literally)

We were told to make a plane out of thread – which meant sewing!! (i died i have never sewed so much in my life) 

I started out drawing random dots/lines on a piece of construction paper, and went on to sew it with needle and thread!

The first few tries was still alright, as we were new to it! Seeing the end product is pretty satisfying – it looks nice!

After a few more times, I gave up. 

It was tough working with multiple threads and holes, as while sewing, the paper might move and I kept ending up tightening some parts and some parts we looser.

Here’s more photos of my torturous time

After manymanymany study models that I made, I started doing the final artwork, with the plastic Prof Peter gave.

And here’s my final product! (I tried my best) 

Till then,

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