2D | forest gump artist references

For my various quote designs, I referred to some artists and their past works, and incorporating their styles into mine.

The first artist that influences my work is Salvador Dali.
A surrealist artist, I’m sure he is well-known to many.

Related image
Getting influence from his work, The Persistence of Memory, I incorporated his surrealist style into my Quote 1 Design, through the squishing of musical notes.
In this artwork, he melts the clocks, with them not being in its original form. I used that technique to the musical notes, deforming them to suit the quote.

Another artist that influenced my artwork is Patrick Caulfied’s work
Black and White Flower Piece, 1963

This black and white artwork, focuses on the main object in the middle, a vase of flower, with a grid background of black base with white lines. Despite having a grid background, it still primarily focuses on the vase. Instead of pulling the focal point away, I feel that it brings more focus to the main object.
I decided to incorporate this art style into my Quote 2, to bring out the focal point of the main object.

And that’s it for my artist reference!
Till then,

2D | forest gump meets guardians of the galaxy?!

I’ll be first working on the Guardians of the Galaxy Quote:
You shouldn’t have killed my mom and squished my walkman! 

Starting off, I worked on part of the quote “Squished my walkman”

I made an literal representation – A hand stretched out, holding a Sony Walkman (used by Starlord in the movie) in cracks, and pieces of it dropping down.
However, I felt that I wasn’t utilizing the full quote, as I left out the part of “killed my mother”.

Therefore, I came out with a second version.

For the second version, I added in gunshots and showing it being cracked.
But I felt that there is no representation of Starlord’s mother.

I explored the different abstract ways to represent mother/motherly love/love for mother.
I linked to how mother expresses love for their children, and the noble things they do for their children. Daily chores, such as cooking, cleaning are actions of love.
I also linked to Mother’s day, and the common gifts we purchase for the event. There are gifts such as necklace, earrings, or items our mothers need/want. Another common gift is flowers. Flowers are usually represented a way to show love, to girlfriends and mothers.
Thus, I decided to represent Starlord’s mother with a flower. I used a carnation flower, a flower most associated with mother’s day. It is said to be an emblem of mother love. I used a white carnation, as it’s given to mothers that passed on. I placed only one carnation, to show that Starlord only has one mother, and she is irreplaceable in his heart.  Exploring further, I came out with my third design. I used a white carnation with blood dripping down, causing a pool of blood at the bottom. This is my abstract breakdown of the first part of the quote – “Killed my mom.”

I used sound waves to represent “squished my walkman”, as music from the walkman generates sound waves. I attempted to use photoshop to make it look more squished up but I realised that it doesn’t look as squished as I expected.

Thus, I came up with another design!

My fourth design, uses the same flower, except a change in the background which represents “squished my walkman”.
Instead of sound waves, I used musical notes, as music from walkman has musical notes! Influenced by Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory, I wanted to deform the musical notes to suit the text from the quote, just like how Salvador Dali liquefied the clocks to have a melting effect.

With the use of photoshop, I “squished” the musical notes, and upon viewing, it does have the “squished” effect. I arranged the musical notes in a random order, but realised that there is no focal point as it is messed up everywhere. Also, after consultation, I gathered feedback that it is hard to tell my carnation stalk from the rest, as there is too much black and white contrast. I headed to push on further to make the design better.

My fifth design, I changed to a different view of a carnation stalk. I feel that this stalk is way better than the previous, as it is easily depicted to be a flower. I also arranged the musical notes into a better arrangement, putting it at the bottom half of the page, and giving the effect that it’s emerging out of the pool of blood.

I feel that by giving the effect that it’s emerging out of the pool of blood, it depicts the story of Starlord way better.
The walkman, is a important asset of Starlord, as he had the device ever since his mother was alive. In his “Awesome mix”, there is also a song that is unique to Starlord’s parents’ love, and he is always hearing it. The walkman, is just like a representation of Starlord’s mum, which is why he carries it everywhere, and is insistent in not replacing it with a upgraded technology device.

By showing the musical notes emerging from the pool of blood, it can be inferred that the walkman existence and importance is because of Starlord’s mum.

However, I used color halftone on the musical notes, and felt that it didn’t really blend in with the pool of blood as the blood is fully black.

I went further in exploration and finally came out with the final design for the first quote!

Stay tuned to my final post!

Till then,

2D | forest Gump, movie, quotes, ABSTRACT?!?!

After a few days of rest, it’s time to kickstart the second project of 2D!
The project seems really exciting, with finding 4 movie quotes and then making it abstract.

So first up, I’ll be listing the 4 movie quotes that I will be working with!

Quote 1: You shouldn’t have killed my mum and squished my Walkman! 
This movie quote is from Guardians of the Galaxy, spoken by Starlord.

Quote 2: I want your eyes, man. I want those things you see through. 
This movie quote is from Get Out, spoken by Jim Hudson.

Image result for paprika movie
Quote 3: Science is nothing but a piece of trash before a profound dream. 
This movie quote is from Paprika, spoken by Seijiro Inui.

Image result for spirited awayQuote 4: Don’t worry! You’ve got daddy here. He’s got credit cards and cash.
This movie quote is from Spirited Away, spoken by Chihiro’s father, Akio Ogino.

And that’s it for this post!
Till then,

2D | my line is emo (& so is my very stressful life…)

After much research and exploration,  I finally came up with the final 6 emotions I decided to work on. The emotions are Anger, Fear, Passion, Depression, Passion & Ecstasy.
My emotions do not have an over-arching concept, but instead, each have a story to tell.
Each strip relates to an incident that happens through the past years of my life, or how I feel when I look at the strip. The picture below are the six strips i’ve done!

Done by Calligraphy Ink, Calligraphy Brush, Aluminium Tray & Water.

Generally, I am not a very happy person.
I tend to remember sad incidents more than happiness.
Thus to me, happiness is always a blur (especially when you’re high).
This strip was firstly a mistake, as when I was experimenting marbling, I initially did mark-making on the other side. However, upon seeing the outcome, I felt that the reverse side fitted the emotion ‘Ecstasy’ really well.
For marbling, I researched that there were other ways of doing, but i felt that using calligraphy ink and water complemented well with my rationale behind ‘Ecstasy’. The colour of the strip is way lighter than using shaving cream, but it worked well for me, as the light tone reminds me of how I tend to not remember happy memories.
Firstly, I filled an aluminium tray with water, then I dropped a few drops of calligraphy ink into the tray, and swirling it with a brush. Afterwards, I took the whole strip and soaked it into the water. After lifting it up, the marbling effect was formed.


Done by black and white paint, with a fork.

I’m actually a musician, and music is my passion. I’ve been in a symphonic band for slightly over 10 years and up till now, I am still playing music. However, the journey wasn’t easy. I started during the later years of my primary school days, and I was young back then. So I mainly joined the band for fun, cos my friends were inside. Same goes for secondary school. However, when I was sec 4, I developed a passion for music, thanks to my conductor back then. He taught me that there was more than just playing notes to music, but you can express emotions through the way we play too. I was so heavily involved in music during that time, and I practiced almost every day, for about 1-2 years. But cos I was too involved, it killed my passion for music in a way too. There was tremendous stress being a musician and playing, as in my perception, there will always be people better than I am, and I need to improve to be better. Due to the stress I gave myself, I started losing my passion and I was so sick of it. There was a really long period of time that I didn’t go for band, as I didn’t want to stress myself, and wanted to put the thought that it is just for fun. And after some time, I really missed making music, so I went back and I didn’t feel as stress anymore.

I expressed it in a way that the passion is flowing, from a direction – left to right.
It represents my passion for music. And within, there are some spaces that ‘attempts’ to flow back, representing the stress I had for my passion and how it was pulling me back.

Done by Scalpels, Black Paint & Masking Tape.

My past relationship took me by surprise. I never expected him to come into my life, let alone fall in love. My life was fine and normal, till I met him online, where everything changed. To me, it was really surprising, as I was playing around the online applications for fun, and I started talking to him. I started falling in love, and sunk deeper in, till we got together.
To show surprise, I used the Gestalt Principles of Closure. I made use of consistency at the beginning, by taping some parts to leave it blank, and painting the rest with 2 scalpels.
Afterwards, towards the middle, there was no more blank strips, and instead, a bunch of random mark-making done by the scalpels, to show the surprise.


Done by using white and black paint, Painted styrofoam fruit wrap and twine.

I have a fear of commitment, consistency and getting restrained. I tend to classify myself as a free spirit, and I hate getting tied down. Since young, my parents have always given me tons of freedom, letting me do whatever I want.
Thus when it comes to getting tied down, I am really scared of it. I hate the feeling of getting cooped up and being confined. I also have a fear of consistency, as I hate regularity. I’m not one that’s able to do the ‘same-thing-everyday’ job.
To represent it, I painted the styrofoam fruit wrap with black paint, and stamped on the paper. I did so as the styrofoam had lines that were consistent, of equal space apart. It also looked like a jail to me (hahaha).
To show the fear I was facing, I painted twine with white paint, and stamped crosses all around the paper, showing how I am rejecting it to happen on me.


Done by Lino, white and black paint.

For depression, I wanted to talk about how one gets into the depression state with relevance to people around me. I once saw how my friend got depression and how hard he took it upon himself. It first started okay, he was normal, but he always talked to me about his problems. To him, even the smallest problems are huge to him, which he can’t deal. Gradually, more problems popped up along the way and it was a huge deal to him, which he couldn’t handle, and eventually broke down. He fell into this black hole and was in a very bad state.

I expressed it in a way that the white circle/bubble was the problems that he was facing, and the black background, gradually gets darker, symbolizing how his depression got worse.

Done by using white and black paint, Painted by the roller.

I was inspired by times whereby I was angry. Whenever I am angry, I will find ways to physically vent my anger, like using the stress ball, cutting paper etc. Thus I wanted to express my anger by rolling the roller back and forth, to show how annoyed I am. And when I am angry about something, I will always try to think straight about why am I angry. But anger clouds my judgement and I often have a biased opinion due to that. Thus I used black and white paint. Black paint to represent my anger and white paint to represent that I am trying to think in a clear state. With the mixture of both, there are parts which are grey, which represents my clouded judgement.

Review Objectives:

Instructor’s Feedback:
Good use of rhythm for surprised.
Depression is unique.
Wonder what the concepts are.
Anger & Depression looks alike
For Anger, there is no distinct pop-up. It needs something thicker, maybe adding impasto gel.
For Surprise, it is easy to connect.

Classmates’ Feedback:
Ecstasy – Should have adopted another word as it doesn’t look ‘high’ or excited enough.
Feels that ecstasy looks very lethargic – is this the dry ecstasy?
Interesting works
Like how surprised was introduced by creating an adnormally. Love the texture of the paint too.
Passion is amazing and depression speaks to me,
Depression is real. That play of dark tones on different sides! Good job.
Fear is really scary. They very thick black lines have a sense of depression.
Love the technique for ecstasy & anger! Also fear!


Overall, I really enjoyed doing the assignment, ‘My Line is Emo’. Not only does it touches on the basics of Design Principles, it also allows us to explore and express in a more abstract way. While doing abstract art, communication skills is essential as we have to present our artworks to the audience, or else, they might not understand the rationale behind it. However, I felt pretty restricted to the theme, as we have to choose one emotion from each category, instead of having the freedom of choosing whatever emotion I want. But on the other hand, it might be a good thing too. I’m naturally a sad person, so the emotions that I might end up using are the sad/angry ones, which might not show the contrast between emotions.

Well, if one thing that I have to point out that’s bad about this project is that, while doing mark-making on the paper, I seem to be doing mark-making on myself too! My whole body will be stained with ink whenever I leave the 2D studio.
Maybe that’s something I should work on. Being less of mess.

All in all, I’m really pleased with the outcomes of my strip!
The journey sure wasn’t easy, but it was really worth it!
From this project, I felt that I’ve enhanced my abstract thinking, and my interest in 2D is increasing too!
& I’m just really happy that the first project is over!
Time to catch up on my very deprived sleep…zzz..

Till then,

2D | mark-making V | research

I did some researching on Tate, on artists that did mark-making and I found 2, Ernest Wilhelm Nay and Mark Rothko. Below are the artworks produced by them!

Ernst Wilhelm Nay
White Spring

1963, Oil paint on canvas

Nay was the leading figure in the generation of German painters who reinvented expressionism in the climate of post-war abstraction. White Springshows his ability to maintain an immensely subtle and individual use of colour in the midst of apparent speed and concentrated energy. It is one of the last in his Disks series (1955-63), which are predominantly composed of circles which loosen, grow and fragment under the control of linear elements. For Nay, the disks possessed a fundamental and universal significance, free of personal connotations, in spite of the clear presence of the mark-making of the artist.

Mark Rothko
Black on Maroon

Oil paint, Acrylic paint, glue tempera and pigment on canvas

Black on Maroon is a large unframed oil painting on a horizontally orientated rectangular canvas. The base colour of the painting is a deep maroon. As is suggested by the work’s title, this is overlaid with a large black rectangle, which in turn encloses two slimmer, vertical maroon rectangles, suggesting a window-like structure. The black paint forms a solid block of colour but the edges are feathered, blurring into the areas of maroon. Different pigments have been used within the maroon, blending the colour from a deep wine to a muted mauve with accents of red. This changing tone gives a sense of depth in an otherwise abstract composition.

Till then, xoxo,