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Before starting on my 8bit work, I researched on Pixel Art.
Pixel Art, is a digital art created via softwares where images are edited on pixel level. 8-bit works are usually done for video game consoles.
The term was first published in 1982, and some types of cross-stitching are very similar to pixel art.
Even Hama beads looks like it!


8-bit is a style used before technology advanced, when all we had was just low resolution digital. So, why not we go back in time and have some 8-bit artworks for Ego?

Although it is uncommon to be using pixel 8-bit style for art illustration nowadays, there is also a tinge of fun factor and aesthetic to having it in 8-bit as compared!

Here’s an example done by Blake Reynolds, of him showing the different styles of illustrated art.


Isn’t the Yoshi pixelated cute?!

The colours used for original 8-bit styles are simple basic colours. Most arcade games in the past used 8-bit style, like Pac-man and Space Invaders, games I’m sure everyone knows!


Till now, some game interface designers still adapt the style, and improvised it! Games like Minecraft is a prominent example, and also Crossy Road – a mobile phone game which I used to be really crazy about!


Moving on from video games, I’ll be talking about artists that does 8-bit/pixel art.

The first pixel art artist I will be referencing is Ivan Dixon.
He is a Melbourne-based animator, pixel artist, illustrator and game maker. Having co-directed and produced pieces for The Simpsons, Fallout 4, Cartoon Network, etc, he also co-runs an animation studio, Rubber House.
Check out his works here!

Winnie the Pooh.


Look at all these cute pixel animation! I love how having it pixelated there is an essence of quirkiness in there.
And imagine the hard work they put in for the animation though! Each and every pixel has to change, wow. JUST WOW.

Another artist I found is Michael B Myers Jr. A freelance artist from USA that does pixel art, character designs and also illustration. Check out his website here!


His pixel art style is minimalist – simple and nice! The usage of colours he used ain’t like the old day video games colours, that are bold and bright. Instead, he used neutral and muted colours. Seeing his works makes me super motivated to try out my own pixel art too!


Another of his work, he created an animated character out of pixels! How cool is that?! Adding on, he used different tonal values of blue to form the character, what great colour play of monochromatic colours!

When deciding the colours to use, I choose to use more muted, neutral and some pastel colours, as opposed to the original bold bright colours of old day 8-bit. Reason being, I want to have reference of old days pixel art, but also wanting to keep up with the trend – showing that despite moving on forward, previous art styles will not be left behind! Also, pastel colours is the hype of the younger generation now!

Stay tuned to my next post on my research on colours!

Till then,