4D | sequential imaging


The third assignment, we had to shoot 90 images, and show it during class time.

My plan was to do a stop-motion video, with characters I drew!

The concept was a dream, and me fighting in the dream.

It started with me sleeping, and heading into dream mode, where I went to a boxing ring and fought three rounds with male A.

First round – we fought with cooking tools, and I won.
Second round – we fought with a soccer and tennis ball, and he won.
Third and final round – we fought with swords and I won!

So I became the overall winner.

I then left the boxing ring and walked into a pole, and landed in the human world.

My concept was to talk about the social norm between male and females.
Females tend to be spoken about being able to cook better, and males are better at sports, or fights.
Thus, I started with the norm of the female being better at cooking by letting me win the fight and the male defeating me in the throwing of balls.
The last round was crucial as it determined the winner. I wanted to prove that females are just equally as capable as males, and let myself win the round!

But, being able to fight is one, and characteristics of a person is another.
The last part of dream paper me falling into the human world is due to my clumsiness – where I knocked into a lamp post and fell down! (trust me, it always happens) 


That’s it for the 3rd assignment!

Till then,