ILLUS | sexercise process

I did up the digitalization of the elements I drew and used a pencil brush with a little texture.

I started with the illustration of “SEXERCISE” – which I wanted to use as a pattern and also to be printed on the outside of the box.

This is the line strokes of the letters I wanted to use.

I initially came up with this for the SEXERCISE text, but realised that it did not match the theme well and re-did it accordingly to the style.

I think that these looks way better and more consistent with the style I was going for.

These are the digital illustrations of toys and body poses.


I added in fill colours for the elements and started making patterns for the different illustrated items I was going to work on.


Sexercise Kit Box

For the illustrated pattern of the box, I wanted to just use sex toys, without the body poses. The outer side has a white base with outlines of toys, while the inner side is a patterned box.

This is the die cut of the outer box

This is the die cut of the inner box.

This is the pattern of the inner box!

Wrapping Paper

To “wrap” the items inside the box I came up with a wrapping paper design, and wanted to print on tissue paper. However due to printing issues, I found the second best option and printed it on wrapping paper instead!

I used a mixture of sex poses and sex toys for this pattern.

Condom Box

I titled the condom “OH MY JIZZ!” as we all know what condoms are used for *winx and wanted to use it in a way we say “oh my god!”

For the box, I used a few elements to design the cover of the box, and included information that are found on normal condom boxes.

Condom Individual Packaging

I planned for 4 condoms to be in a condom box, and thus designed 4 individual condom packaging, with just a difference in variation of illustrations on it.

Tissue Box

For the tissue, I intended to use a more unique packaging approach, to give it a curve instead. I only used body poses as the pattern for this item, as humans are the ones that will get wet and need tissues HAHAHA. I created a die-cut of a boob outline as the opening for the user to get the tissue, and also input text of situations where tissues will be needed after.

Invitation Card

A 2-sided card, one side consists of an illustration of sex toys and the word “SEXERCISE” and the other, event details and some information, with a patterned background.

This is the illustrated side of the card!

This is the card with information of the event.

Initially I came up with a one-sided design, but after consulting Lisa, I agreed that there were too many things going on and could have been separated into 2 sides instead.

Here’s the initial design!

Sexercise Guide

I made a guide booklet for SEXERCISE participants to try with a partner, which are yoga sex poses which can be used as sex poses to try as well.

The background of every page has a pattern of sex poses.

There are 10 sex poses with a rough guide on how to get to that position.

These are the designs of my applied illustration items and click here for the mock-up!

Till then,

ILLUS | varoom illustration process

The topic I’ve chosen for this assignment is Obsession with coffee.

As a caffeine junkie, I’M SUPER OBSESSED WITH COFFEE. I practically can’t live without coffee and I need it to survive!!! And I’m very sure that there are people whom are like me amongst us, whom are obsessed with coffee and the wonders they give us.

Target audience persona

My target audience are mainly adults aged 20s – 30, whom just graduated from University, or started working in the design and media field for a while.

16 thumbnails

The 16 thumbnails I had are very rough sketches and layout of how I wanted the final composition to be. I sketched a few designs of how much coffee people drink, how they look before / after drinking coffee (bulging tired eyes, a little crazed). I also had an idea of a coffee crackhouse, with drugs, syringes and coffee bags, in replacement of blood bags.

I narrowed down to working with a coffee crackhouse theme and started my pencil compositions.

I feel that amongst the 4 compositions done, the last 2 were easier to depict and had better layout and compositions. Following that, I placed the Varoom template on top of the composition, in order to not touch on areas which will not be seen very easily.

Composition wise, I think that this layout will be better to work with for the template.

Next, I started working on my digital composition!

Read here for my research!
Till then,


ILLUS | self-portrait

starting off illustration with designers, we were tasked to come up with a stylised self-portrait of ourselves with the things I loved.

Firstly, I started off with penning down the things I loved and brainstormed from there.

I decided on the following words: pasta, dogs, music, flowers

Next, I started thinking about the style I want to go forth. digital illustration? traditional illustration? watercolour? pen? pencil? and the list goes down…

After some dilemma with myself, I chose to do a traditional illustration with pen. I went to Pinterest to get some inspiration and I sure found some that coincides with the style I settled for!

I referenced my work to the works of the following artists:

Iain MAcarthur


I really like the way he used pen to do such a detailed portrait illustration! Thick and thin lines were also heavily used to show contrast. I also liked the way he incorporated elements into the female’s hair. Overall, it’s a very well done piece.

henn kim

I really like her style of work as she plays with the tonal range of black and white only, and her work has a clean, slate look.

I’m also very into blackwork sketches and tattoos, and I want to express my self-portrait using that method, and think that Henn Kim’s work is really suitable.

Illustration theme: Blackwork tattoo sketch, using pens. 

I came up with several layouts based on the keywords I decided upon.

These are just basic rough sketches of the layout I wanted. Before doing a more detailed sketch, I wanted to sketch out the keywords I decided on.

Here are detailed sketches of my proposed layouts.

layout 1

I did a portrait illustration of my face, with my hair being elements of the things I love. I split the hair into half, one side filled with pasta, and the other side – dogs and flowers. I used a radio to replace my nose as I like music, and I have the tendency to flare my nostrils and they look like they’re dancing to music!

layout 2

To show my portrait, I used glass pieces. Glass are like mirrors, which shows a reflection of ourselves. I wanted to use the glass pieces to show a reflection of myself and the things I like. Thus I had a mixture of my face, and things I like in different pieces of glass.

layout 4

In this layout, I wanted to use the concept of my lower body going into the cassette tape, and my upper body part coming out of the polaroid camera.
Between both the tape and camera, I included things I liked. However I felt that this piece is not very cohesive and there isn’t a main focal point, with everything spread out within the page.

layout 4

In this layout, it’s a plate of pasta! I tried to portray a mountain of pasta, wth things I like and I am – the meatballs of this dish! I like this concept as I think it’s really cute that it’s a plate of pasta. However, I felt that it does not show the self-portrait of me that much as I’m not the focal point.

Amongst all 4 layouts, many had different views. During the group critique, I tried asking for the class to vote for the design they like best / I should go forth with. However there are mixed opinions and it ended up in a tie between Concept 1 and 2.

After a consult with Lisa, she recommended me to proceed with Concept 1 as it fits the theme – self-portrait illustration, compared to the others. Some notes for me to take for Concept 1 was:
adding meatballs, pasta sauce, and different variety of pasta.
I should also make The Eye more realistic.
Add details to fill up the gap at the right side of the hair.

Following the critique and consult session, I was clearer about which idea to go with and how to make it better.

As I’m using traditional illustration, I used A3 paper and hand-drew it all over again. I’m pretty satisfied with the final outcome of the assignment! Compared to the detailed sketch, this was really wayyyy better!

This is the final artwork, after some lighting edits on Photoshop!


I really really enjoyed the process of producing my self-portrait! I haven’t been in touch with pen sketching in the longest time ever, and being able to touch on it, and illustrate things I like, it just makes me really happy! Maybe one day, I’ll be confident enough to draw something and tattoo it on myself!!! #randomthought

Till then,