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Tien-Min Liao
Handmade Type Typography
Published: March 14, 2012

This artist’s work is very creative. With the usage of her hands and fingers, she managed to create 26 alphabets, capital and non. It is a very interesting concept and unexpected that she was able to create so many.

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Andreas Schiefer
Evolution of Type
Published: September 9, 2010

The concept of this artist is very interesting! He merge the concept of the birth of alphabets to biology, and it was a very interesting combination.
With the letter S, he incorporated a Spine into it, as it starts with the letter S too. Even the way he constructs makes the cut very realistic!

This really inspired me to do a letterform using other mediums apart from traditional and digital.

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This was initially a reference for me to work on letterform ‘Z’, as I wanted to use strings to form a letter.

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These kind of batik art is a reference I wanted to make for my letterform.

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These are some batik and Peranakan cranes.

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For my hawker centre illustration, I wanted to have a flat lay style illustration, to show it from the top view of a table.

These are some of the researches and references I found online which are very helpful to my process.

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