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For my Art Nouveau design, I decided to come up with an abstract design that is relevant to Singapore and my childhood.

I used ixora flower, which is found in Singapore. It’s often used as a garnish to add colour, but I think Singaporeans know it as the flower to suck nectar! It contains sweet and edible nectar, you can just pull a bunch of them out by the stem and suck on the base of it. I remember when I was a kid, my parents told me about the  I always searched for it outdoors so that I can suck the nectar!

Here’s an image of the flower I referenced from!

Image taken from https://toptropicals.com/pics/garden/05/11/1533.jpg

I also wanted to add other elements of my Singapore childhood into my abstract design and thought of the mimosa. Mimosa leaves are commonly found at grass patches in Singapore, and when I was in primary school, I realised that mimosas close up when something comes too near! Since then, I always like to find mimosas and purposely go close to them.

Here’s the image I referenced from

Image result for mimosa leave
Image taken from http://www.namethatplant.net/Images/ImagesFire/jkm12/jkm120623_152.jpg

I incorporated both the mimosa and ixora into my abstract design, to show that this is my unique Singapore art nouveau! Here’s the final design!

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