ILLUS | sexercise final


Come join while we celebrate the wonders of sex and they make us more physically active! Sex is a form of exercise, which allows us to stay active and feel pleasured!


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ILLUS | sexercise research

ILLUS | sexercise process


Needless to say, I HAD TONS OF FUN WORKING THIS ASSIGNMENT!! It was good to be able to come up with a concept that I want to work on, all with the aim of having fun! I wanted to work on a project that will definitely not be allowed in Singapore, and I thought that a sex festival will be pretty fun. If it’s ever allowed in Singapore it’ll be like a mass orgy so nope HAHAHA. I started by coming up with a Pinterest board and getting inspirations for the illustration styles I was going for, sex-related humour and some packaging designs. Initially I had some trouble with the illustration style I was going for, as I felt that it wasn’t similar to my references. However after some amendments and learning how to work photoshop, I managed to somewhat get it to look similar. From this project, I think my illustrating skills got better and I know how to use it in a design perspective!

I really enjoyed this module where I get free creative reign to illustrate whatever I want!

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