INT2 | minimalist exhibition, national gallery

As minimalism is a term commonly used in modern days, there is a chance that this term gets misused by us these days. With the minimalism exhibition, it really helps us to understand the whole concept of minimalism and bringing us back to where it all started.

In National Gallery, there were a variety of works on display – ranging from fine arts to interactive art and even sculptures. As it’s an interactive art module field trip, I’ll like to mention a piece of work that caught my eye –

Room for One Colour by Olafur Eliasson.

This is a light installation piece of work which explores the scientific effects of light and colour on our vision. The entire room is illuminated by mono-frequency lamps that suppresses all colours except yellow and black, causing us to see in shades of grey.

It plays with our perception, implementing that our perception is not fixed but changes with our environment, suggesting we can see the world from multiple perspectives.

Such a simple piece of work, yet it has a very deep underlying meaning beneath. I really like this piece as it brings out the minimalism style – by simplifying the variants to bring out the main point. I also like how with the light, it’s able to let us perceive objects in a different light and fun fact, although we see people in grey, if we use our phones, we actually see blue!! It’s a very fun interactive piece to go with friends.

Side note: Eyes will hurt after exiting!!!

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