FYP | Coconut Tales Review I

Jamie Lim_FYP Review I

Coconut Tales is using the art of storytelling to showcase the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren, retain memories of the past while using art & design to help cope with dementia. Reminiscence therapy guides the story collection process.

Project records stories and moments of a Singaporean’s life of the 1940s – 1980s, contributing to saving Singapore’s intangible heritage.

Engaging elderly Singaporeans in reminiscence have been explored by various organizations but are often conducted with nursing home seniors and youths that do not know each other. Coconut tales bring forth a personal relationship’s bond, connecting family members to engage in reminiscence within a homely environment.

With the exploration of art, storytelling, heritage and technology, the outcome of this project is an immersive art installation that encourages personal perspectives and stories of grandparents to be shared. The project imperative is to record, preserve and continue to engage younger Singaporeans in learning about Singapore’s heritage.

Keywords: Reminiscence, Singapore’s Intangible Heritage, Memories, Family Bonding, Connection