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Hello! I am Jamie, a visual and interactive designer currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Art. Coming from a background in marketing and experience in graphic design, media art and interaction design, I like to explore the creative possibilities of integrating business, art and design.

I like to explore my limits and push boundaries with different ideas and art direction. I aspire to come up with creative projects for the digital world, exploring new forms of multimedia works, with a touch of interactivity. I believe in design for all, making sure that my works are innovative, relatable and creative.


You can find my other deliverables (resume, cover letter, name card) here


Inkverse, Media Installation (2019)

A piece composed with ink drops and a painting of a landscape scenery along Silk Road. The piece reflects China in a unique way – using a painting technique unique to China’s Four Arts of the Chinese scholar – ink and wash painting. Click here for more details

NO!! Don’t Touch, Graphic Design (2018)

A 3-part project that aims to educate children on child sexual abuse through board games, infographic and information guide. Read more about it here

Gwyn Bubbleglow, Typography (2020)

A diary book of a pixie in a fictional world, Pixie Hollow. The story is based on a childhood game my classmate was obsessed with, which I got to know about after interviewing her. Read more about it here

Stefan Sagmeister, taken from

Although Stefan Sagmeister is a renowned designer worldwide (before Internet came into the picture), he uses Instagram and his personal website to share his works and communicate his brand.

On his Instagram platform, he doesn’t share much about his works. Instead, he acts like a mentor and gives advice to fellow designers that sends him their works for review. On the other hand, his website has tons of details about his branding and creative portfolio. He has a huge line of work that’s put up there, and each with a separate page on the work’s description and sharing his creative process.

In his biography, it isn’t just a biography. He names it “Answers” and it’s more of an FAQ page about him, his studio, his creative practice, and personal life. It’s a very extensive informational page where the viewers get to really understand him as a person and a creative.