4D | Strange World Collage


Artist: Oleg Shuplyak
Link: http://www.atbreak.com/tag/surrealism/

An Ukrainian artist living in Berezhany, Oleg Shuplyak creates artistic surrealism works, via usage of optical illusion. He is well known for imaginative portrait heads named Hidden Images. What captivates me about his work was that when viewing his artwork up close, it shows an image of a scenery, but when it in full portrait, it shows an image of a human.

These are 2 of my favourite works of Oleg Shuplyak.

Artwork done by Oleg Shuplyak Image taken from http://viola.bz/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Oleg-Shuplyak-9.jpg
Artwork done by Oleg Shuplyak
Image taken from http://www.atbreak.com/tag/surrealism/

His art is really impressive as coming up with such optical illusion paintings requires tons of thinking, arrangement and co-ordination amongst the objects in the painting. The optical illusion is easy to understand too, requiring only a few glances to spot the portrait emerging out from the painting.