VC1 | brochure explorations

Before deciding on my final brochure design, I went onto pinterest to search for some inspirations!

From there, I came up with 5 different designs which I felt that will suit my theme of “Slidin’ with Creativity”. These are just some sketchbook drawings!

Out of the 5, I think that the last 2 suits the whole theme more as there was a more “playful” vibe to it. The 4th design was a game many Singaporeans played during our primary school days and its does bring back a lot of young and fun memories! I asked around for opinions on which was better and many agreed that the last one suited the overall look more, while the other brings us back to younger days!

But I wanted to try both designs and see which worked out better thus I went to digitalise both.

Design 1

design 2

I had trouble trying to fit in 5 designers into a square, especially design 1 where  the design was binded the 4 paint elements – which I wanted it to be there so that when the brochure is closed, it can be seen.

design 2 was just a draft to show Michael how it will look like!

Comments from Michael during the consult

Scrap Design 2, design 1 is better.
Break out of the square grids, give the whole design more breathing space.
Can have more “fun” and “play” for the text.
Have the “Singapore Design Week” at both the back and front, with the date and information inside. Have the SDW write-up at the back diamond.
Tighten leading for international artists.
Make the humans smaller. BREATHING SPACE!!
Orientate to 1 direction. 4 paint buckets at the back, can have elements of SDW (PD, VC, etc)
Can have the humans holding names of artists.
Will be good to have colour contrast on both pages.

I went on to further develop my idea and came up with the final design!

Till then,

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