Principles of Design

Principles of Design utilize the Elements of Design to compose and enhance art.

The Elements of Design are:

  1. Line

2. Shape

3. Direction


4. Size

5. Texture

6. Colour

7. Value

The Principles of Design use these basic frameworks, apply and combine them to create overall sensations and themes to give artwork greater purpose, depth and meaning.

  • Balance
    • Distribution of the visual weight of objects, colours, texture & space.

  • Emphasis
    • Part of design that captures viewers’ attention, by contrast

  • Pattern
    • Repetition of a symbol or object throughout a work of art

  • Proportion
    • Feeling of unity created when size, amount or number of parts in the image relate well to each other.

  • Rhythm
    • When elements of design are used repeatedly to create feeling of organised movement

  • Variety
    • Usage of several elements of design to hold viewers’ attention and guide the viewers’ eyes through work of art

  • Unity
    • Feeling of harmony between all parts of a work of art

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