4D2 Project 1: RE: SEARCHING (Re-upload)

So apparently I’m an idiot and I forgot to press “Publish” on my earlier draft of this post

So here’s a very late submission of sorts

A Continuation of Project 1 Task 1, using the same images.


An exploration of the infinite facets of what home can be; RE:SEARCHING as a title not only refers to the topic of SEARCHING as you would in an email, but also connotes a re-evaluation, a re-discovery and re-searching of the idea of home.

Additions from Task 1

The video form of RE:SEARCHING adds on 3 main aspects:

  1. Exploiting video and time-based media to manipulate how viewers see the image in sequence – they are channeled to view the concept of home as individual images and concepts, which build up into bigger and bigger themes and a final product and statement of what home is.
  2. Usage of non-artist voices: By using Ulysses’ monologue at the beginning of the video, viewers are invited to see the work in their own light. While I am not unfamiliar with voice acting and narration, it was a more prudent choice to use shifting text on a background of instrumental music to also make viewers read the words in their own mind voice. This was intended to further the idea that home means different things to different people, yet the words themselves are written in a way that will reverberate differently with different people and their unique memories / experiences.
  3. Work is centralized around the music / soundtrack. The Song being used is the Undertale theme from the 2015 NES-Graphics game, Undertale. While I’m on this topic, go play Undertale. Seriously. Amazing storytelling, great OST, and a masterpiece of narrative work. While keeping spoilers to a minimum, in essence the song is about the concept of a lost child (there are a few lost children in this game if left to interpretation), to reflect the idea of searching for home, and to a certain extent helplessness and the need to be saved. The music was critiqued in class as being ‘predictable’, but that is exactly the idea behind home; the music’s tempo changes with time, but at its heart it remains familiar. RE: The idea that “home changes, yet remains”

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