The Singapore Diary / Through the eyes of another

For this project’s first phase, we were tasked with fulfilling one of 3 options:

To have a conversation with someone about their way of life in Singapore / To visit somewhere never visited before or not having visited in a long time / To talk to a family member about life in Singapore.

For phase 1, I decided to interview a classmate from ADM about her experiences and how she spends her time in Singapore. Below are some extracts from the interview after editing:

How do you spend your free time in Singapore?

i go out with friends or rot at home

find time to swim at my aunt’s nearby condo

I used to play tennis but I don’t have time for it anymore


What do you feel about your neighbourhood? (Punggol)

it used to be pretty nice but now its just crowded i hate it

it used to be quiet and have spots where you can be alone


Is there anywhere in your neighbourhood you still have as a little haven or something?

there’s this little spot near my block you have to climb a little to get there

i sit there with my legs hanging sometimes people look up and see me and get judgy


Where is your favourite hangout/place in SG and why?

i like rooftops there’s this one thats pretty nice

high places are cool and they kinda calm me down a little


Do you do specific things when hanging at roofs or just anything goes

not really i just sit and stone

and if the sky’s alright i try to catch the sunset


Is there anywhere you’d like to visit in SG but never had time to do so?

the zoo it’s too ulu

My plan of presentation is currently still being decided on. I have several options in mind:

  1. Do a personal visit of the locations the classmate mentioned and present them alongside the quotations; to exploit the dissonance between someone else’s words and my/the viewer’s perspective (Still image on wall presentation)
  2. Variant of the presentation method above, except using locations I know in my own life that fit the description of the quotations. This creates more dissonance
  3. To present in a moving image / video format. Voice acting / music choice undecided

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