4DII Project 2: Losing Home / Singapore Diary

Losing Home was the product of wanting to make something intensely personal, yet something that I feel has been happening to many young adults in my generation.

The imagery of “Losing Home” circles around the Park and Playground near my home of 16 years, around the Pang Sua Park Connector.

The narrative is my own, based around an earlier interview with another ADM classmate. After talking with some friends about it, I realized that alienation and drifting away from the country we grew up in was a common problem in our generation; that through politics, through urbanisation, through friends and neighbours moving away, through an overall loss of innocence, a lot of us felt we didn’t exactly belong in this country anymore.

The Park and Playground simply became a metaphor for something bigger; and my narration was intended to begin very personally but over time speak to a deeper sentiment.

The usage of still video was intended to portray the places as honestly as possible, without camera movement to distract from the narration at hand. The usage of quote text that differed yet had the same underlying tone as the narration, was intended to cause dissonance and further the sense of alienation / separation.

Overall, I felt that this project significantly helped me grow in terms of how narrative can work, and sometimes that less is more, especially when appealing to emotional space – that simple things, presented in a understandable format with time and space for viewers to reflect on their own relevance to the work, can sometimes be more effective.

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