Installation Project Description: Dead Kings/Staring Back

Project Description:

The Installation aims to provoke viewers into rethinking their use of the library as a space, which as of now is largely accessed only if students have a piece of research material they are seeking out. Dead Kings/Staring Back is a series of 3 poster-collages in digital print, each being a collage of death masks from various cultures and civilizations, poised in a way that stare back at their viewers.

Dead Kings/Staring Back aims to have the faces of the dead which we study today stare back at us, and have us ask if we are simply using the space only when we need information, or if we should spend more time looking into the huge amount of information and beauty within during our spare time.

Materials used:

A Set of 3 A4-sized posters mounted on various locations within the 1st floor bookshelf corridors. Description will be mounted beside one of said posters. Mounting will be secured using Blu-Tack.

3 x A4 Posters, Print, Digital Collage
1 x A5 Description, Print

To be confirmed: Small mirrors

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