2D | “My Line is Emo” Experiment

Hey guys,

Here are few of the experiments/techniques I did for my 18 emotions! I definitely had fun experimenting some of them by trying out different techniques and materials and the outcome was not what I expected. Anyhow, do enjoy my progress shots!

I chose tracing paper as my medium as its has a soft touch due to the opacity of the paper and I feel that it really expresses the softness & gentleness I felt. My initial idea was to do a slight 3D pop up for this piece but I came across difficulties in trying to stick the paper upright as it’s really thin and flimsy. Hence, I tried a new Scanography method which turned out really cool! The light of the scanner gave soft shadows to specific curves and it shows depth – it shows that Love is not just touch the surface, it slowly seeps into you.

Fear is an emotion that I am not fond of, I don’t even watch horror movies… So when I think about fear, the first thing that comes into my mind is thread. Thread is something that is fragile which snaps easily,  it’s a thin line from fear to sanity. Once that thread snaps, you will be engulf into total darkness and fear. 

Thread also reminds me of needles that makes me think of the prickly anxiety I felt when I’m scared. I decided to sew the thread from the center to show the gradual growing of blackness – fear, caused by the layering of the thread, which will eventually engulf you.

Black acrylic is painted first, putty is then applied. I decided to use putty as I will be able to carve out the cracks using a penknife to show frustration and anger. A layer of putty – which represents our “facade” that we give the society, which will eventually crack when we’re angry or frustrated. 

I decided to experiment this bubble art technique, and it turned out as I expected it to be! The bubbles left remains of black ink which gives a mouldy look, as well as a circular mark. I tried to cover the entire paper with bubbles as it reminds me of “trypophobia” that personally I can’t stand it!


Using a painting knife to depict the sharp, panicky lines. The reason of using a painting knife is because it’s surface area is short and sharp, which reminds me of the abrupt frequency on how I feel when I’m panicking. 

Timid to me is something that is non-distinct, soft, faded and indecisive. I get timid, lack confidence when I’m at a unfamiliar place or doing/using things that I’m not familiar with.  The reason of using a string is because I do not have a control over it and hence preventing myself to draw a straight, define line. The string moves by itself and the only control I had was the direction. The ink is quite inconsistent which gives a soft, faded look. 

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