3D | Soundscapes II

Here’s part II of the Soundscapes Mini Project! Since it’s not an in-class activity, I got to experiment more textures in the comfort of my home. For my material, I decided to use just paper. Paper, a versatile material that can create any kind of textures/ shapes you like. Though it’s just a simple white piece sheet, you can create anything you want just by scoring and folding it in different methods. I was able to achieve different types of looks by folding it differently even if the scoring method is the same. In addition, though paper can be quite stiff sometimes, you can either form organic curves by gently bending it or you can also forcefully create a curve! How amazing is that. Sigh god bless the one who invented the scoring method. 



I always wondered how some artists managed to achieve this particular unusual shape, so I went to look for tutorials on how to achieve it and I managed to get this really cool geometrical looking shape (bottom right pic)!! I was totally BLOWN AWAY at how simple the process is but yet it turned out really good! 

Without further ado, let me share with you my Soundscapes 🙂

Pleasant Sound – Sea Waves



The sea to me, has always been a place of tranquility. I really love the sea, not for the looks of it, but mostly for the sounds it makes. Personally, I would prefer the calm sea as the rhythmic pulse softly doused the sand, creating its own symphony. For this piece, I tried two different materials – tracing paper and normal 152gsm paper. In the end, I felt that the tracing paper portrays the idea of the sea more, due to its translucency as it reminds me of the sea waves.  Also, in order to show the repetitive motion, I decided to cut strips to represent the waves and curve the paper in a way to show the softness of the rhythm, and the never ending flow of the vast sea. 

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Unpleasant Sound – Fork Scratching on Plate



First thing first, I don’t think it’s only me, but I think everyone HATES the sound when your fork accidentally scrapes the surface of the plate. O M G – if only I could express how much I dislike the sound! Even the slightest “whimper” of it will give me goosebumps. And that’s how I was inspired to do this piece, that coincidentally looks like a flower or an onion. For this piece of work, instead of using my trusty penknife to cut the “petals”, I decided to tear the paper instead. The  scraping noise gave me an image of a torn edge as I tried to mimick my goosebumps for the raw edges. To enhance the sensitivity, I decided to cut mini thorns onto the petals – to portray the goosebumps that I get. Cheryl mentioned that maybe I could add some foil onto the tip of the thorns so as to add some metal elements onto it to remind or hint of a metal plate/fork. 

So this concludes the Soundscapes project. Stay tune to this small space of mine!

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