4D | “Before Dawn” Final

“Before Dawn”

A photojournalistic series which consists of different professions that operates everyday in the wee hours of the night, while the city sleeps.

Little do we know, from dusk to dawn, the night workers are awake in the dead of the night, contributing and keeping our society together.

Fishmongers supplies fresh fishes to our supermarkets, coffeeshops provide our morning toast and coffee, and petrol station workers make sure our car tanks stay full even during the dead of the night.

As a 24-hour nation, the night workers are the heroes of the night, running our country smoothly while we are asleep, who are always around, yet hardly ever noticed and taken for granted.

This series is to raise awareness by sharing the stories of the night professions, and that we – the society, should appreciate them more.

Execution: A 200 x 160mm publication, and 4R printed photos

4R glossy photos hung on brown string with wooden pegs


To compliment the essence of the photos, I decided to use brown strings and wooden pegs to give a raw and natural feeling.

200 x 160mm /  152gsm matte paper







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