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I’ve finally decided to change my topic for Project 1 as I felt that my previous idea – “Ctrl Z” wasn’t working out for me.

For my new idea, I was inspired by my Mom, who is a shift worker and she works in the night, from 6pm-6am daily. I don’t really like the fact when she gets the night shift as I feel that it takes a toll on her health and thats when I realised that people around me don’t really know much about how the night shifts works, or how taxing and tiring it is. Hence, I decided to do a topic about night professions.

“Before Dawn” is a photojournalistic series which consists of different professions that operates everyday in the wee hours of the night, while the city sleeps.

A normal day for most people consists of clocking in hours at work or school, and then returning to the comfort of our homes by night. Little do we know, from dusk to dawn, the night workers are working in the dead of the night, contributing and keeping our society together.

I feel that the night workers are somewhat the “unsung heroes of the night” as they are the ones who are keeping our society together while we are sleeping in the comfort of our beds. They are the ones who provides our daily newspapers, morning coffee and breakfast, who keeps our country safe or even supplies fishes to our everyday supermarkets and wet markets. They are doing so much, yet are not getting the recognition they deserve.

The night workers are the people who keeps our country smoothly as a 24-hour nation, yet are not getting the recognition they deserve. They are the the heroes of the night, who are always around, though hardly ever noticed and taken for granted.

This series is to raise awareness of the night professions, by sharing their stories, hoping to gain awareness on how taxing their jobs are and that we – the society should start appreciating them more.


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