4D | Project 2 II

After consulting Robert on Project 2, he mentioned that the concept of atmospheric photos is too generalised and wide, and that I should scope down to a certain area. He suggested since I wanted to focus on night lights, I should try to further expand the professions in my “Before Dawn” series. Hence, I decided to focus on the profession – the security guards in Singapore.

Here are the first series of photos taken and showed on the first consultation with Robert.

Robert commented that this photo does not really work as most of my photos are quiet, still and taken as a far shot, and there is hardly any human presence in it. Whereas for this it’s nearer and the guard is quite evident in the picture which distracts the quietness of the photo.

I really liked this photo as there’s a series of lighting colours, however Robert mentioned that the focus of this photo is ambiguous. Is it the guards, or the car?

As most of my photo does not really have a human presence, or they are hidden, this picture might not work as well as the guard is quite prominent in the scene.

Do check back for more photos on the next post!

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