Candycane – Happy Ending


We are back with our Candycane series. This time round, we will be introducing our mini massage parlour called Happy Ending 😉

For Happy Ending, we will be using motion region to trigger the activation of the motor on the canes. We are thinking of using $1 coins to trigger the action. This was inspired by the kiddie rides that would normally cost $1 for a ride, that is available in the heartland malls or near our homes. 

We are using Phidget, compared to Arduino, it is much more sensitive and wouldn’t cost a lag in the motor. So!! This is our first time connecting Phidget, Max and our motor altogether.

Here is our progress video!

As you can see, whenever my hand is covering the region, the motor would not swing back and forth but would stay at the position. Only when I remove my hand, it will return back to its original position. We want it to loop so that if the motion region is detected, the motor will swing back and forth and will only stop when nothing is detected in the region.

Next, we will try to find a way to loop our motor! & good news!! We finally found the canes with the coloured hooks thanks to Tisya’s Mom :’) So yay!! We can’t wait to use our new canes hehe

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