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Here are my 18 emotions that I drew for practice and their definitions. 
They are not the final 18 emotions as I might be changing some of them.

Love is… complicated. Love is unpredictable, and it’s an adventure that has many different stages. Love is soft and flowy that resembles the broad sea.

Sensuality is something mysterious, gentle and fierce at times. I had thickened the lines at some point of my drawing to show a gradual increasing of sexual tension. 

Lust is a fierce, thirsty, hungry and passionate emotion. “From lust to losing your mind”. Lust makes your mind goes into turmoil, you can’t think as though you’re consumed with hunger. For my drawing, I tried to mimic the scratches that are normally left after a “passionate night”. But… it looks more like Wolverine who did it, doesn’t it.

Ecstasy can be an overwhelming feeling or great emotion or it can be a religious frenzy/trance-like state. I used different patterns like lines, shapes and circles to show the “trance-like state” when a person is overwhelmed by emotions.

Hope is finding an oasis in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Hope is waiting for something to happen, hope is waiting for a miracle. I tried to show the “oasis” hope concept by inserting a circle in the lines to show the contrast.

Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. In my mind, joy makes me think of never-ending swirls, soft lines. Hopefully I will be able to capture the peaceful image of joy that goes in my head.

Euphoria is a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness. I didn’t manage to deliver this emotion well. To me, euphoria makes me think of fluffy, floating stuff that makes me happy.

Being curious is like being in your own bubble and you keep thinking about a particular thing, wanting to figure it out. Curiosity is something that you’ll never stop probing till you get to know what you want.

Enthrallment is to capture and hold one’s attention; fascinating. Enthrallment makes me think graceful, swirly swirly lines in repetitive motions – reminds me of the swan or a ballerina.

Agitation is feeling aggravation or restlessness brought on by provocation. It reminds me of cracks as agitating someone is to annoy him/her till they break or get angry (provoking).

Torment is to afflict physical or mental suffering. My drawing focuses on the mental suffering as I repeated the pattern to give a claustrophobic and stagnant motion – which is torment to me if something keeps repeating on a loop.

Frustration is the feeling of being annoyed, upset when you’re unable to achieve something. When I feel frustrated, it feels like lots of needles are poking into my mind and it annoys me. When I’m frustrated, I tend to furrow my eyebrows. Hence, I decided to draw sharp looking patterns that simply makes me furrow my eyebrows as it sort of pokes at my frustration.

Sadness to me is a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, lost. You may be kept together on the exterior, but deep inside, there are just voids waiting to be filled.

Grief is an intense sorrow, caused by loss. By using flowers, it represents the person’s life as griefs are normally caused by death of a loved one. It’s compact and kept together in the beginning, but grief slowly makes you lose yourself into sorrow and soon you’ll fade away.

Isolation is to distance yourself from people. The dots in my drawing are people and the dot furthest to the right is trying to isolate him/herself. The wavy lines enhances the loneliness that the person is feeling, isolation is something that doesn’t go well with me.

Fear is an unpleasant emotion. I tried showing the gradual growing of fear from the gradient/thickness of lines used in the center. And by drawing them so close together, I hope to achieve how fear makes me feel claustrophobic, uncomfortable, and when you have no where else to hide.

Unease is feeling anxiety or discomfort. To me, being uneasy is when your mind is in knots and you’re unsure on what to do and you can’t find the solution to your question.

Panic an uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wild behaviour. When I think of panic, it’s static, straight lines which is messy and all over the place.

So yup, here are my 18 emotions (which are not the final ones). I will post my mark making stuff on the next post!

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