EM4 / GraffitiResearchLab

I didn’t have a laser with me… initially I used my phone’s light but it covered too much of the surface area and it drew a huge blob. So i wondered is it because of how much the light covered? So I improvised and use my portable charger and the laser from a mouse, hoping that it will draw a smaller blob. And it worked! 

Here’s my final video. 

As Tisya and I had use colour blob for our Candycane project, doing EM4 was a much smoother process for me. The only thing that I had to figure out was to convert the normal framerect (draws a rect), into a “pen tool”, so i can really draw. I was surprise that I only needed to change it into “paintoval” and thats done! 

Overall, I had fun doing this project and now I know the tips and tricks to cool projects hehe. All you need is a camera and max msp. I am still not as familiar with Max MSP but I got to say that, Max msp has endless possibilities that it is crazy, and I can’t wait to learn more from it. 

The Baby Cot II

Previously on our Baby Cot Part 1, our initial idea for it was simply a windchime idea that is triggered by motion region. However, LPD suggested and reminded us of one of the conveyer belt ideas that he showed us back then, if we could use the same theory as that? So ding ding ding! We will still be doing our baby cot idea but with a different mechanism. Our trigger now would be, whenever someone put a cane onto the hula hoop, it will trigger one specific cane sound, which thus – becomes a symphony of canes. 

So here’s our final max patch!

The Compass II

So we are back again! Here is our finalised Compass Max MSP patch.


Finally layering our yellow paper over a board as the base for our compass. We used a large blue funnel to cover the motor. 

Here’s how our compass will look like on the presentation day. Super in love with our colour palette hehe

& last but not least, our last process video of our compass!

The Baby Cot Part I

It was a spur of a moment as we suddenly got inspired from a baby cot mobile. What we liked about the mobile is the rotating movement of it and we feel that it will add more dynamics to our project. Also, we felt that if we were to replace the soft toys with canes, it will be quite funny as we can’t imagine a bunch of cane swinging around us when we were young hahaha. And thought that this would be a great idea! Thus, this is the beginning of our Baby Cot! 

Here are 3 circular items that we feel could potentially be the base of our Baby Cot. Hula Hoop and parts of a bicycle wheel. Of course, we would have to spray paint it in another colour to suit our colour scheme.

We stuck on the canes and went to test it out on the space itself!

We felt that the black ring was a lil small and it makes it look underwhelming, so we swapped it for Tisya’s pink hula hoop instead. What we imagined on how the baby cot is gonna work is that it’s triggered from various motion region. So if someone were to step onto a specific region, it would trigger the hula hoop to spin and play various caning sounds. We wanted the motion region to be hidden as we felt it was interesting on how the user is unaware that his/her actions is affecting the mobile cot itself.

This links back to the concept of the cane where holds the power to cane the child. In this case, the user(parent) is affecting the hoop(child), and by right, the user will keep finding the right spot where it will trigger the hoop which means its sort of continuously caning the child. 

So here’s a quick process video on our baby cot!