2D | Mark Making II

Hey guys!

Here’s my progress for my part 2 mark making sessions. I kept forgetting to take progress shots!!! So here are just some of them!

Pouring water onto the paper by using the “watercolour” paint technique. You know when you’re painting with watercolours, first you wet a certain area before painting on it right?

Basically I used a blob of black paint and see how it flows and spreads! When I was doing this piece, I felt unsure and uncertain on where this will go as its all up to the gravitational force on where the paint will flow. Hence, I feel that this piece might be able to depict “Unease” for one of my emotions.

Used some of Tisya’s hot pink sassy rubberbands and simply tried placing them to see what effect it will give! The emotion I had in mind was to project Euphoria.

I was really surprised with the outcome. I guess the amount of pressure placed onto the rubberbands has different outcomes. I feel that the print shown has more “Curiousity” in it? As it shows the gradual growing of the white space.


Since I’ve ran out of materials to experiment on, I thought that using a knife would be cool. The emotion I had in mind was to depict “Panic”, due to the sharp and abrupt edges of it. I tried printing them in a unorganised manner to show how messy my mind is when I’m panicking. Well honestly when I was doing this piece, I just felt frustrated (well sort of panicky) because I’m used to clean lines haha.

So here’s the pieces that I did on that day! I will post a close up version of this soon.

2D | Mark Making I

Hey guys,

Here’s what I did for our first mark making lesson! I brought rambutans (which didn’t work at all), and a toy car that I got from Kinder Surprise heheh. I really enjoyed our first mark making lesson and I wished that I had brought more materials to experiment with!

Anyhow, let the pictures do the talking shall we?



“They see me rollin’, they hatin'”


My first experiment which turned out really neat & cool.


Featuring my adorable toy car.





Super satisfied because the edges turned out neat!



That’s the progress pictures and here are the outcomes!


Experiment #1: Using only strings (some chinese vibes going on here)


Experiment #2: Using strings & white paint


Experiment #3: Using black and white paint. Anddddd I love this piece so much! Can you spot the fish?


Experiment #4: Strings and my minimalist soul.


Experiment #5: Strings, white paint and lots of scraping


Experiment #6: My toy car!!!

So that sums up my first mark making lesson! Thanks for viewing~ ☺