4D | > 22. II

So here is Day 2! I’m shooting after school so I’ll be walking by foot, and thus I gotta go somewhere near in case I got lost… So! I decided to head to the shophouses at Teck Whye which is a few stops away from my place and I’m amazed I’m able to find some rare gems there. 

Chinese Incense Shop – Since 1985





Random mama shop which looks old but apparently it’s only 2 years old hahaha


Sintolee Confectioner – An old school bakery which has been running since the 1970s!



I love rainbow bread… it sums up my childhood omg 


Is it memories!!!


Chew Optics which has been here since 1986.

Ok I don’t really wanna tell you jsut but… you know what, forget about buying your spectacles/contact lenses from optical shops in shopping malls because they are expensive as hell. This Chew’s Optics (omg i love them), sells rayban specs so much more cheaper and their lenses OMG i tell you. Normally I get my daily acuvue lenses in shopping malls for like what, up to $60-80? But this…. one month of daily lenses is only priced at $45!!!!! Good find so must share. Thank my later. 



If you look carefully, they used straws and thumbtacks as support to display their merchandise. How cute!!


This tonic(?) shop which has been running for 30 years as well. It seems that the shophouses along teck whye lane has the same age… 



That’s all for Day 2! Gotta rush home and do the rest of my work. Stay tune for the rest of my adventure! 

4D | >22. I

Hi guys!

From my previous dilemma, which was either – should I combine both old people & old shops together in a book or should I just do mainly the old shops itself? After much contemplation, I decided to focus on shops that are 22 years and above! Well, why 22 years? Because I’m 22 and I find it really amazing to find shops that are actually older than me, that has been here since I was born. Like, how do they even run the same business for SO long!?

So I did some research on where are some of the oldest places & shops in Singapore. But first, there’s this motor place called ” Lee Huat Motor Co.” which is near my place and guess what, after checking with them, I found out that they are actually 60 years old!!! That is like…. x3 of my lifetime o m g . And the best part is, they have been at this exact location for 60 years!! Isn’t it impressive?





Fun Fact: Notice the telephone number written on the signboard. This shop is so old that the telephone number is only 6 DIGITS. 




Next stop – would be Tiong Bahru. How can I not check it out when it’s famous for having some of the oldest shops in Singapore. But after walking around Tiong Bahru, I was so disappointed because most of the old shops has been replaced with those new cafes 🙁 And I only managed to find a few shops there that remains. I feel like… they need to stop replacing all the traditional old shops… What would Singapore heritage go then?



Pin Pin Piau Kay & Co. that has been here since 1938!!! It’s a 3-gen provision shop which sells basically everything that you will need. Funny how their signboard can only be found in the back of their shop (below)








If you ever want old-school cakes, take a trip down to Galicier that has been here since the 1970s. 





This optical has been here since the 1970s, but the owner didn’t let me take a picture of their interior 🙁

The last trip of the day will be Excelsior Peninsular. I happen to find this old gem “Roxy Records & Trading” online, and it’s a record store which sells really old vinyls!! And their company has been here since 1962.







The friendly boss of Roxy Records introduced me to head to another store in the same mall with a long history as well! And it’s a shop which sells really vintage stuff.





To end the day, I decided to make a trip down to the Teck Whye bird shop again to get a few more shots. Apparently the boss owns a bird shop and an aquarium which is just right beside the bird shop itself. The shop has been running since 1978.











Thats all for today!! Stay tune for the rest of my journey. 

4D | White Hair is Good Hair

In my ideation post, I mentioned about how white hair is good hair right? Since I couldn’t decide on which idea to do, I decided to shoot this concept as well and we shall see what Robert says!

I mustered a lot of courage to approach old people and expected the worst but apparently… 90% of them were willing to let me take a photo of them and were really nice too! I was only rejected by one uncle and he was really hostile towards me 🙁 He said something like “拍摄么拍,开玩笑。” So basically in English he was really sarcastic in saying if it’s a joke that I’m trying to take his picture, and it’s sooo obvious he wouldn’t let me take. But whatever it is! Old people are really nice people, they were all so cooperative and so happy when I mentioned I’m doing a project documenting on white hair is good hair. But really, their white hair is b e a u t i f u l.

Without further ado, here are the shots I took around my neighbourhood. 









After the crit session, Robert mentioned that the 22 Years & Above series was more interesting as they are more “layers” to it. However, he said I could combine the 2 series together because they are speaking of the same thing, which is age, and in my terms, old but gold. 

My idea for White Hair is Good Hair for it’s film was that I planned to help an old lady dye her hair black, while she speaks about her life and all that. However, the main issue was firstly, finding someone who is willing to let me dye her hair, and second but most importantly, what if there are after effects of the dye and she gets an allergy reaction!? I feel that I wouldn’t be able to bare the consequences so…. Most likely I wouldn’t be doing this? I’m still contemplating…

But anyhow, I’m still considering if I should combine both topics together or I should just focus on 22 Years & Above? What do you think?

4D | 22 Years & Above

Hello world!! I’ve finally decided to start shooting shops that has been around for so so soooo long as I find it really interesting because of its heritage. Don’t you find it amazing at how long all these shops has been around since forever!? There are shops that has been here waaaaay before I was born, or even before my parents are married, some might even be as old as my parents or grandparents!

Therefore, the title of this series is called – 22 Years & Above. And this begins, the journey to the west find shops that has an even longer lifetime than me.

Being the really indecisive me, I only managed to start shooting on the third day of Chinese New Year. And then I realised… most of the shops are not open. But lets see what I’ve got! My Dad (love him), brought me all the way to Little India because he mentioned that only the shops in Little India are opened hahaha. So here are some pictures. But… it started pouring once we alighted from the car -_- So here are just some shots that I managed to take. Pardon for the inconsistent shots!! But I know I will mostly be doing frontal shots in the future.


This bookstore has been here at this spot for 40 years!!


A fabric store that has been around for 30 years.


Not sure how long this tailor has been here but it looks shaaaady.


A bird shop located at Teck Whye which has been here for 40 years!


He also owns the aquarium beside it hmmm.


Yangtze Kiang Uniform Shop which I believe has been here for quite awhile, as I remembered getting my primary school uniform from there! Have yet to check how long is their heritage.



A Chinese incense shop which has been around for 30 years. Really friendly staff as they told me to take more pictures.

I will be roaming around Singapore to take more pictures!! So stay tune. 

4D | Project 2 II

After consulting Robert on Project 2, he mentioned that the concept of atmospheric photos is too generalised and wide, and that I should scope down to a certain area. He suggested since I wanted to focus on night lights, I should try to further expand the professions in my “Before Dawn” series. Hence, I decided to focus on the profession – the security guards in Singapore.

Here are the first series of photos taken and showed on the first consultation with Robert.

Robert commented that this photo does not really work as most of my photos are quiet, still and taken as a far shot, and there is hardly any human presence in it. Whereas for this it’s nearer and the guard is quite evident in the picture which distracts the quietness of the photo.

I really liked this photo as there’s a series of lighting colours, however Robert mentioned that the focus of this photo is ambiguous. Is it the guards, or the car?

As most of my photo does not really have a human presence, or they are hidden, this picture might not work as well as the guard is quite prominent in the scene.

Do check back for more photos on the next post!