3D | Sound Texturizer

Hi I’m back again! I’m so inspired by the word – Pizzicato, which is the plucking of strings. And thus, I decided to do something with strings and threads! 

Since I’m on a budget, I couldn’t get the guitar/ukelele strings as they were too expensive 🙁 And it will limit my experimentations too. So, I went to get different thickness of fishing lines and a beading wire, hoping that it will produce different sounds. And guess what, it did! 

I bought a few pretty little beads as to play around with it, thinking that maybe I could thread them through the string, and it will vibrate against the thread itself when plucked, producing a different sound.

Here are my process picture for my test model! 

Lets start off with the skeleton itself. I tried using wooden roads as the pillars… but I couldn’t seem to secure it well enough onto the foam board itself. Thus, I decided to go back to my good old foam board as the structure.

The structure looks super straight now right? Wait till I start tensioning the strings… (casually product placing Oishi Honey drink hahaha)

SADLY. After tensioning the strings, the foam board wasn’t strong enough to hold the structure, hence it started warping due to the tension. But I’m glad it worked! The wooden rod in the center was supposed to act as a mechanism for me to rotate, while it has mini “thorns” to pluck the strings. 

Thats all for now. Stay tune for my final product. 

3D | Making of a Tonoscope

Hi guys! Previously on my post, I showed some cool stuff of Cymatics. I was really amazed at how the objects moved according to the vibrations, thus, I decided to make myself a tonoscope! I did some research and since I do not really have the materials… I tried to improvise, and it sort of works?

What you’ll need:

A plastic container
Toilet Roll or a Tube
Cling Wrap and Rubber Band

Cut a hole at the side of the container and insert the toilet roll. Make sure it’s tight, so that the sound wouldn’t escape as much.

Cling wrap it reaaaaaal tight, secure it with a rubber band.


Tadah and it’s done! Simply place some salt/sugar/or cinnamon (as cheryl suggested to give some smell) on the cling wrap itself. Here’s a short video clip to show how it turned out!

I realised that a metal tin would be so much better as it will be able to give a better resonance than a plastic container. But oh well, it’s a fun experiment otherwise!

After sharing each of our sound texturizers with the class, Cheryl brought some of her own sound texturizer and we went up to the rooftop to try them out. It was reaallly fun. Especially the thunder drum(?) thingy.