4D Final Installation

Before we begin, please watch this trailer.

(All videos were edited and produced by Fendi Senpai)

We begin the day with setting up the projector and the board. Mapping the screens was no easy task as Fendi had to accurately frame the videos to be constrained within the two rectangles we had allocated on the board.

This was a tedious process and it was left to Hannah and Fendi, while Hui En and I rummaged through more articles for the board.

After they setup the board, it was our turn to fill the space with the articles.

When you step into the installation, the first thing which you will be greeted with is the entire conspiracy board. Intrigued, we expect our audience to step forward to investigate further.

To your right, you will notice that there are murder weapons on the table. A Swiss Army Knife, a saw, a gun (Barely visible) as well as supporting documents which provide a background on our main Character.

Above the table, you see several photos and a news article.

Here is a close up of the article as well as the supporting documents.

After which, your attention would be drawn to the conspiracy board. Audiences would be asked to choose which videos they would want projected onto the board.

By allowing the audience to watch the Vlogs in a non-linear sequence would enable them to form theories of the main character. They would be given the choice whether to sympathize with Hannah, or to condemn her for her actions.

On the other side of the wall, audiences would be exposed to Hannah’s potential victims.

Seeing their own classmates on the wall would give this installation a sense of realism. Our audience would then be compelled to wonder if such a thing could actually exist, similar to how people constantly think their neighbourhood or Singapore is safe… until a crime happens near them.

Close ups of some of the Polaroids:

Ambiance and acoustics, a multi-sensory experience


The space is secluded and dark, which draws reference and similarity to Hannah’s state of mind.

The red lighting adds a sinister tone to the installation, foreshadowing ominous events which were about to be unraveled.

After watching the videos, our audiences are then encouraged to explore the board, to pay attention to the articles which Hannah has put up. This shows development of the character and creates depth. We hope that our audience would be able to envision what it was like being in a mind of a serial killer.

These are some close ups of the conspiracy board.


Thank you team! It has been a blast working with you!! Its such a pity that we only have one sem together. 🙁

Phew, what a journey this has been! I learned so much being involved in this project and I am extremely blessed to have worked with such talented individuals. Constantly pushing one another to strive for the very best.

I would like to thank Director Fendi and  Talent Hannah for their film wisdom, guiding me through the shots and helping me with any film woes I had. They never fail to impress me with their knowledge and prowess in this medium.

Hui En, for always caring for the team and offering support when needed! It was amazing seeing the ideas that she came up with which helped define the look and feel of this project.

I am certain that we are all pleased with the outcome of this project as our blood sweat and tears have been materialized to produce this wonderful product.

To Ruyi, thank you for your constant guidance and patience with us! It was eye opening learning what goes on behind every shot and I am certain that I will never watch another film again without analysing every scene, noticing the little details to what makes it so great.

From colour, to perspective and different angles, it has been a fruitful journey for me. Thank you once again and I am sure that I would be able to use these skills in my work for my years to come in ADM.

Now for something more lighthearted!!!



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