Final Project (Split Chef) Week 2 Progress

During the second week, our group aimed to  address the issues we faced during the first run of the assignment.

After our debrief session, we started to list down key issues which we may have overlooked.

We met up on the third space to discuss these shortcomings, taking into account other inputs made by my other members. One thing which we were able to highlight was the need to restrict the chef’s natural instincts, and make them adhere to the rules of the game.

We also had a time limit for the chef to interpret and execute the actions to ensure that the game does not drag too long. Often times, we felt that some of the steps were very time consuming and any potential audiences would lose interest over time. To tackle the issue of audience entertainment, we decided to use our main Instagram accounts to reach out to a larger number of audiences. The comment section generated by active participants in the chat enabled the viewers as well as the players to be entertained.

Audiences were also allowed to comment on what their interpretation of the instructions, and potentially influence the decisions made by the chef.

This is the banner Bryan made for us to publicize the event to garner a larger audience!

Connectivity was also another pressing issue as the pantry we initially used had atrocious reception, which left much of the live stream in low resolution, making it difficult for the audience to discern the on-going game.

We sourced for other halls we could use, which were also in the vicinity to ensure that the players do not lose the momentum or interest in the game.  The other pantry we settled for was within the same hall, but it had significantly much better reception and Wifi, which would make the quality of the videos and experience better.


Stay tuned for the final part where we put together a full show!

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