Self Portrait Final


This is the final composition I settled for. I placed the composition within a frame which is supposed to resemble looking through a window of a space ship. I felt like this gave my illustration more depth and I also thought what a fascinating yet puzzling sight it would be to chance upon a distressed moon.

More about this illustration – as you can tell, I manifest myself as the moon in this composition. This stylistic approach incorporates my prominent features such as my hair, my nose, my eye bags and my pale-ish skin. The representation of the moon also depicts me as a late sleeper.

The surrounding planets are circling around me, keeping me up and I have trouble managing my time accordingly. These planets are meant to represent things such as my assignments and the software I use for them. The blue planet resembles swimming, something which I enjoy doing, however, I do not have enough time for that.

I decided to remove the texts on the planets as I felt that they were too representational and somethings are better left unsaid. I also added a little detailed strokes to accentuate the orbiting of the planets, giving the illustration a bit of dynamics.

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