Super Participation

I was fascinated by the scope of this project, because the concept of sharing our lives online is not unfamiliar to us, however, this assignment pushes the boundaries of sharing to a level which some of us may not be comfortable with sharing.

The whole idea of super participation would be to share as much possible in relation to what is on-going in our lives, no matter how minute.

I enjoy packing my days with errands or tasks to complete so that I do not feel as though I am wasting my time. Thus, we decided to record a day which all 4 of us had something to do.

My day began with having a meal with an old friend of mine. We went to Ghim Moh Market to eat lunch. I tend not to share images of what I’m having for meals because I feel that it is not engaging and it is not a reflection of who I am as a person, because I do not associate myself strongly to food.

After which, I went to the gym to burn off all the excess food I ate during lunch.

Facebook has this interesting feature which allows users to post a 360 degree view of their surrounding. This helps the viewers feel more immersed with the poster.

I also noticed that I was not the only one getting my sweat on! Reuben was at a floorball competition and he was probably working even harder than me because it was his finals. These are the things which I would not have known if we did not have Super Participation.

One interesting thing I noticed was that Brendan, Reuben and I all had photography related errands to run on the same day. I was covering one of my hall events and Brendan and Reuben had to do research for another assignment.

After my shoot, I went to have supper with my friend and I came across this, which I had to share. I just thought that it was so funny and I shared it on facebook because it is the kind of humor I relate to. (I know, I’m pretty lame)

And once again, I shared food, which is not common for me.

I was exhausted by the time I reached home so I did not have anything scheduled for the night. My groupmates, however, were night owls and they continued to stay up and post on the group!

Here’s the link to our FB Group!


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